What Is It Like to Watch a Sex Show?

When it comes to sex tourism, live adult shows are some of the most-talked-about topics. They offer a unique and kinky type of entertainment that you definitely won’t be able to find elsewhere! So what is it like to watch a sex show? Let’s find out!

What Are Live Sex Shows?

Firstly, you can find live sex shows in most of the world’s red-light districts. Aside from the legendary red-light district in Amsterdam, other notorious streets with sex-oriented businesses are found in Belgium, Japan, Germany, France, Thailand, Singapore, etc. Some cities with the most famous districts are Tokyo, Phuket, Paris, Antwerp, Prague, Tijuana, Rio De Janeiro, and others. Live sex performances, cabaret shows, and even prostitution can take place in those districts.

For the most part, those districts are located in countries where prostitution is legal. Yet, you can still find places with illegal sex shows or prostitution. For example, red-light districts in Thailand operate freely due to a gray area in the law.

If you want the “original” sex show experience, it’s definitely a good idea to visit the “big three” clubs/theaters in Amsterdam. That includes the legendary Casa Rosso, Banana Bar, and Amsterdam’s Moulin Rouge. Those venues provide everything from softcore to hardcore shows and group sex shows. Some offer private peep shows in cabins, while others can provide live sex in front of a hundred or more spectators. The clubs in Amsterdam and elsewhere are so famous that they are a major tourist attraction. Thousands of singles, couples, and even large groups of friends visit them each year.

But why are live sex shows hot? Well, while they are similar to watching porn, they occur in real life. Watching someone else (strangers) have sex can give you a special thrill and a huge adrenaline rush.

It’s Like an Adult Coin Slot Machine!

When it comes to peep shows, they have a different setup compared to events with a large audience. For example, a club in Amsterdam called Sex Palace contains a series of dark rooms. Patrons can enter these rooms and lock the door behind them. The rooms are very small. They usually have a glass window that separates them from the stage and the performers.

When you enter, the glass is blacked out. Then, if you pop some coins into a slot, the window will become clear, and you’ll get to see the show. Usually, the price is $2 for two minutes, and the performers are a few feet away from the glass window.

Moreover, you can choose from solo, couple, group shows, and much more. The dark rooms provide you with full privacy, including a toilet paper roll and a lock. This means you can masturbate or have sex with your partner while watching. Of course, you’ll also be able to hear the performers moaning, screaming, or even yelling. Compared to live performances, peep shows are a bit cheaper, and they give you more privacy. If you were to watch a live audience show with lots of people in a club like Casa Rosso, the tickets would be around $50 or more.

It’s Like Porn but in 4D

Obviously, live sex shows aren’t for everyone. If you look up some real-life experiences online, you’ll see that people watch them because it turns them on to see strangers having sex. It’s similar to porn, and you can see some wild action happening right in front of you. Others may check out a show because they’re interested in how sex looks from another perspective. It’s also a big tourist experience. People can simply go to a show to buy a round of drinks for their friends and have fun.

What’s more, there are many variations of live shows. That will depend on the club or district. In Amsterdam, you can even watch as girls penetrate themselves with bananas in the famous Banana Bar. These famous shows even allow the guests to chomp down and bite the fruit while it is still inside the performers! In Casa Rosso, a sex show can go on all night. You can watch many different solo or group acts as they rotate. If you’re brave enough, you can also volunteer! However, not many people are comfortable with that.

When it comes to shows in Amsterdam, many are inspired by cabaret. They can include lots of dancing and comedy. Also, there is plenty of variety when it comes to the performers. That is, the performers can be regular real-life couples. Others could be professional adult performers or prostitutes.

In other parts of the world, you could also see some unique shows. Thailand, for example, is famous for its ping pong shows. During these shows, the girls use their genital muscles to propel ping pong balls or other similar objects out of their vaginas. For instance, in Prague, you can watch can-can performances, wet lesbian, Brazil-style, male stripper, fisting, dominatrix shows, and more.

You Will Meet Different People

As we’ve said, in many countries, the shows are a part of the culture, and tourists can often visit them for that reason alone. There is a big social aspect to sex shows with a live audience. It can be a bit awkward, but if you don’t mind watching sex acts with a bunch of strangers, you could actually have tons of fun. For instance, watching other viewers and observing their reactions can be quite amusing. Since some shows include lots of comedy, expect to hear laughter and shouting. Also, it may be possible to meet new people and even hang out with them or go somewhere else with them after the show.

However, in most live audience shows, you won’t be allowed to masturbate. This is only possible in peep shows and theaters. In some clubs, you’ll be able to see other viewers in their rooms, while the performer will also get to see you. A word of caution for any type of sex show or other red light district adventure is to avoid drug pushers around the venues. Also, clearly negotiate/learn the price of the sex show before you enter.

Finally, we’ve said that the shows are similar to cabaret shows with tons of entertainment. However, they are not the same thing as real cabaret or burlesque doesn’t involve detailed sex acts.

That’s It!

So what do you think? Would you check out a live sex show? Does the idea turn you on, or would you simply want to see it out of curiosity? Either way, they will definitely offer you an unusual experience! Enjoy!