The best types of vibrators available in the market

Are you on the lookout of a great vibrator? You must have heard about the amazing toy from your bestie and now you wish to check it yourself too. However, the world of vibrator is really versatile. From good-old hand-held options to modern day tiny remote-controlled vibrators- there are ample models to choose from. And, for a newbie, it could be slightly confusing to find the right one from so many choices. But, nothing to worry- the post below offers a grand list of some of the best vibrator toys you may go for this time.

Mimi Soft by Je Joue

Fantastic for both couple and solo play, Mimi is one of the best whisper-quiet vibrators you will come across today. It’s a tiny palm-sized toy which is handy to hold and play with. The best part is users here will get a wide range of speeds and vibrating patterns to choose from. As a Mimi user, you can experiment with as many as 7 vibration patterns and 5 levels of speed. Its soft contour will feel comfortable on your delicate and its awesome motor will shower you with deep rumbling buzzes. Mimi is waterproof as well. So, if you are planning for some shower buzz, this would be a great option for you. Mimi runs on battery and is easily rechargeable.

Vesper by Crave

A favorite among top celebs, you will often see stars like Ariana Grande, Gwynth Paltrow and Janet Jackson going ga-ga over Vesper on Instagram. One of the coolest bits about this toy is that it doesn’t look like traditional chunky vibrators. Rather, this sleek bullet vibrator can easily double up as a chic pendant which you can happily sport while going out. Made of stainless steel, Vesper is equal parts classy and equal parts sexy. And thanks to the steel body, Vesper will wow you with deep rumbly vibrations that are far better than plastic bullet buzzy toys. In regards to vibration patterns, there are 4 options to choose from- pulsing, high, medium and low. You will find the toy in a wide range of colors as well. Moreover, Vesper is waterproof.

We-Vibe Touch

This is another amazing vibrator which would certainly be in your wishlist. Designed with medical-quality silicone, the vibrator it’s soft, perfectly body-safe and feels extremely comfortable on your skin. Users have loved its ergonomic handheld contour that allows them to maneuver it smoothly across clit and labia. You will be glad to know We-Vibe Touch is a noiseless vibrator and assures a discreet vibe. The good thing is, you can not only use it to massage vulva but also to have a stimulating massage on back and nipples. In regards to vibration patterns, there are 8 settings to choose from. This is a rechargeable vibrator and the charge lasts for couple of hours at a stretch.

Swan Curve

The most amazing part of the toy is surely its curved end. The tip of the toy is ideally shaped to hit and stimulate the G-spot with perfect accuracy. If you are looking for the best vibrator for explosive G-spot stimulation, this is a great model to go for. A distinct part of the toy is its squeeze-me technology which enables you to control vibration speed. Harder you squeeze, higher would be the speed. It might take little time to adapt with the technology but its worth it end of the day. If you are looking for a slightly bigger size, go for its elder cousin Swan Wand.

Satisfyer Penguin

Not your usual vibrator, Satisfyer uses pressure waves and air pulses to stimulate your clitoris. It feels more of like your partner wooing you with a passionate oral down under. It’s wonderful for a solo oral when you are missing your partner. Its innovative sweet-suction technology keeps you stimulated to the T without any risk of numbing sensation. There are 11 different pulsation programs to choose from as per your mood and preferences. Made from silicone, the toy is completely body safe and easy to clean. Besides, the toy is waterproof and will be your perfect when you are in the mood for some crazy shower oral. Last but not the least, toy impresses with its perfect dapper look.

Mimic by Clandestine

This is another great vibrator which is excellent when you craving for a stimulating oral. The sexy part is, the toy is shaped like a tongue only. As you will run it down under, you will almost feel like your partner is playing on your labia and clitoris. Thanks to its tongue contour, it can also be used on your man’s penis when he is in the mood to receive an oral from a toy. Moreover, the toy is completely waterproof and hence can easily be used in shower or bathtub. Also, the toy comes with its unique travel lock. You can lock it up completely so that it doesn’t turn on right on its own in a public place.

Winding up

Let’s wind up with a few tips to buy your first vibrator toy.

Don’t just settle with the first vibrator toy you come across online. You should always check multiple options and get a comparative study on them to find out the most compatible one. There are various points to check while you proceed to buy a vibrator. The most important pointers here are – material of the toy, noise quotient, number of speed levels and settings, body safety, ease of use and price. The one you take to should be easy to hold and operate, come with more than at least 3 vibration patterns and speed options, assure noiseless operation, safe for the body and affordable. In regards to material, silicone, metal and glass are safe and easy to clean. Try to avoid cheap plastic ones. Don’t look for the dirt cheap products. Quality comes with a price. However, that doesn’t mean a vibrator would cost you an arm or leg. Look for a one that is reasonably affordable.

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