Can Vibrators Cure Depression?

We find this to be a million-dollar question. Wouldn’t it be incredible if vibrators could cure depression? We sure think so. But where is this idea even coming from? Well, masturbation makes us all feel good, so that’s our best guess.

However, the history of vibrators hides another reason behind a question like this. Namely, vibrators were invented to cure “illnesses” in women that doctors just didn’t know how to deal with. They took their time solving that mystery, so vibrators were made more to help them than to help their female patients. 

So, welcome — this article is about the strange history of vibrators, which includes some achy fingers and very sexually frustrated medieval women. Let’s find out if vibrators can be a long-term cure for depression. 

Vibrators Were Invented to Cure Depression

The history of a vibrator is quite funny. You won’t believe how far we’ve come with accepting our sexualities as a society, both in popular culture and our bedrooms.

A couple of centuries back, men didn’t believe women had any sexual desire. They were simply an object of a man’s lust (and penis), and that’s about it. But what happens when all these women become sexually frustrated? They get a diagnosis — female hysteria. 

Its symptoms include anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, nervousness. Much like depression. Who wouldn’t be depressed after so much sex and no orgasm in sight? 

Treating hysteria was a bit challenging. Some of the treatments were horseback riding, as it would create enough pressure on the clit to trigger an orgasm. Actually, since women “couldn’t orgasm,” this had a different name — hysterical paroxysm.

Masturbation was out of the picture because, at some point, doing it was self-abuse. So, physicians came up with a special kind of massage. It consisted of massaging oils onto (and into) the female genitals. That gave incredible results! There was also a tiny problem, though — doctors had achy fingers.

To rid themselves of that pain, they manage to invent an electric vibrator for female hysteria, and that’s where it all began

Vibrators Alone Cannot Cure Depression

Your first vibrator orgasm might make you think it can cure any disease. Do not let that fool you. 

Powerful orgasms, or just playing without reaching one, can release happy hormones. That can make you think your depression is gone because you’re happy again. It doesn’t really work like that, though. In fact, this way of thinking can become dangerous for you.

How come? You can easily get addicted to the feeling of happiness. Now that you know how to achieve it, you’ll want to do it again and again. That’s how addiction works. Don’t let masturbation or any sex toy replace professional help you need.

Seeing a therapist, or a psychiatrist, is how you deal with depression. They might as well suggest you continue on with your happiness orgasms. But just keep in mind that vibrators aren’t substitutes for professional help you need if you’re dealing with a mental illness.

Masturbation and Orgasm May Help

As we all know, there are many benefits to masturbation. First of all, it just feels so damn good. Do you even need anything else? If you do, don’t worry — there’s more where that came from. 

Having depression can affect how a person feels about masturbation and sex in general. You can start depending on those good feelings you get, but it might make you want to avoid sex altogether. We have to thank some of the symptoms of depression for that. Some of them are low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness. So, when you feel like that, it’s only natural not to want to explore your body. But you should at least give it a try. 

So, masturbation can help with depression — in a way. It improves sleep and relaxes you by releasing all the different feel-good hormones that flood your brain. It will also increase your sex drive. How? Well, if something feels good, you’re going to want to do it again, right? Right. 

It lets you be more comfortable with your body. It also inspires mindfulness and the connection to self you might lack and need. That can often be scary, but just take things slow, and you’ll be fine. 

Orgasm is also empowering. It boosts self-esteem, which is very important when it comes to fighting the feelings of worthlessness. 

Being empowered might motivate you to deal with other things in your life. Or simply look at things from a different perspective, which is always helpful.

Masturbation Is Not a Substitute for Professional Help

Again, we want to make this very clear and emphasize it as much as we can. If you’re actively going to therapy or you’re on medication, good for you. You’re doing a great job already, because recognizing you have a problem is already a big step.

Finding out masturbation helps is, well, helpful. However, it should never mean that you should stop going to therapy or taking meds altogether. Medication and treatment are a long-term solution to your illness — masturbation is just temporary. 

Engaging in masturbation shouldn’t be forbidden, though. It feels good, so why not do it? Just be mindful of how far you take it. If you find things to be going off the rails, make sure you tell your doctor all about it. They’re the only ones capable and professional enough to tell you what to do next.

Put safety and well-being above all else.


So, what can you take away from this? Can vibrators cure depression? Unfortunately, not really. That would be incredible, though. We don’t know a single person who wouldn’t want to masturbate their problems away.

However, it’s not all so simple and easy. Sometimes you need to put in a little more effort than you think. Vibrators are incredible, fun, and will make you feel great. But they’re all a short-term solution.

Imagine not feeling up for masturbation at all. How would vibrators help you then? Think back to women with hysteria and learn from them. Vibrators can cure your sexual frustrations; depression requires something else entirely.

However, we cannot deny the fact that vibrators are fun to use, and we think everyone should experience using one. You can even get a remote-controlled vibrators from lovegasm, and order them online.

Don’t forget all the benefits of masturbation and orgasms, though. Put them to good use.