Professional Dancers Are Switching to Stripping, and We Can’t Blame Them

Even though professional dancing is a respected profession, male and female performers are struggling to make ends meet due to the low demand for their skills.

Ballet, hip-hop, and other forms of professional dancing are not consistent enough to provide a steady income stream. Also, they require years of experience and dedication. For many pro dancers, all of that hard work can go to waste if they choose a 9–5 job. Fortunately, many dancers have changed the direction of their dancing careers. They have found a new beginning in another profession. Professional dancers are switching to stripping, and we can’t blame them!

So how is stripping different from other forms of professional dance? How can it pay off to switch from ballet to stripping? Today, we’ll show you why some professional dancers switch to stripping, and we’ll also outline some of the benefits of being a pro pole dancer.

Every Strip Show Is a Performance

Firstly, becoming an exotic dancer requires so much more than just staying in shape, taking pole dance classes, and making hot selfies. Stripping is actually a highly competitive job. Yet, it often gets misunderstood due to its highly stigmatized atmosphere.

If you think that stripping is easy, note that it requires heaps of lower and upper body strength. It also involves dedication, creativity, self-confidence, etc. Plus, if it requires pole fitness and acrobatics (in high heels!), it can be risky and even dangerous.

On top of that, the dancers need to look their best. What’s more, they need to know how to move their audience while being sexy and seductive. To put it simply, professional stripping is nearly identical to any other dance form like ballet. It’s definitely not about getting on the stage and making a few simple moves while showing off your bodacious breasts or rock hard six packs! It’s also not a form of sex work such as prostitution.

Each show is a performance, and a lot of skills and preparation go into it. That could include choreography, body language, eye contact, costumes, smiles, and body awareness. If you’ve ever watched the stripper classic “Showgirls” or the international pole dance championships, you probably know that it doesn’t end there.

The dancers need to worry about backstabbing co-strippers. They also need to focus on salesmanship or hustling, hygiene, local laws, permits, etc. Lastly, stripping requires the dancers to invest in their look. This means they have to spend a lot of money on self-care. That includes tans, manicures, lingerie, fake lashes, plastic surgery, etc.

What Separates Them From Professional Dancers?

Obviously, private lap dances and nudity is what makes strippers different from other dancing professionals. The main goal of the job is to stir sexual desire and arouse people. That means the dancers need to be comfortable with wearing thongs, going topless, etc. Also, they need to know a lot of provocative moves.

Moreover, stripping requires the dancers to invent a look and sell a fantasy. That means they need to work hard to bring their role to life. They often have to get in the mindset of a nerdy gamer chick, bimbo porn star, burlesque diva, cruel dominatrix, innocent girl next door, etc. For guys, that could include roles like a police officer, porn performer, bodybuilder, pilot, sexy doctor, etc.

However, stripping also involves some risks that are not so common in traditional dance forms. Namely, the adult entertainment industry can put pole dancers close to narcotics, alcohol, and sexual assault.

Professionals Are Making the Switch

One of the biggest reasons why dancing professionals are switching to stripping is money. Namely, professional forms of dance like ballet require years of hard work and experience, and the competition is enormous. Not everyone can find a high-paying gig.

On average, strippers can earn anywhere from $200 to $1,000 per night. That could depend on the economy of the area, tips, private dances, etc. On a yearly basis, they can make an average of $40,000 to $120,000 and more.

In any case, it’s a much more lucrative option compared to working a 9-to-5 office job. Some of the top-paying stripper jobs are in Vegas, where dancers can even earn a whopping $300,000 per year!

There are many differences in how strippers earn money though. It all depends on the clientele and the individual night. It’s possible to make over $1,000 per evening, but you can also work a few nights for very little money. Also, since most dancers have to pay house fees, they could actually end up owing money to the strip club if they don’t earn anything on some nights. However, wages can increase due to tips, private dances, etc.

Nevertheless, professional ballet, hip hop, Honolulu, and other dancers will have the upper hand if they transition to stipping. Their skills and training could allow them to quickly pass demanding auditions and get hired. The average audition for a stripper lasts around one to three minutes. This means that dancing pros who know what they’re doing could easily impress the club manager with their experience. While stripping needs to look hot, professional dancers simply have a better chance to get hired, even if they don’t fully look the part at first.

It’s a Win-Win Situation for Everyone

Ultimately, both sides could enjoy the switch. The patrons will enjoy more creative performances from professionals. In turn, the pro-dancer-turned-stripper will get paid more. They will also get a chance to express their skills. Like we’ve said, this profession is not easy. However, it can change the lives of many professional dancers who simply can’t earn a living in their own field.

Still, stripping is by no means a perfect job. Many dancers struggle with finances because the majority works as independent contractors. That means they may not be entitled to unemployment benefits and workers’ compensation. They also may not be eligible for overtime pay/minimum wage or even have the right to sue someone in case of sexual harassment. This could vary depending on local and state laws though.

Nevertheless, stripping can pay off quite a lot if you make a lot of money.

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That’s all! If you’re a pro dancer, definitely consider a career in striptease. If not, consider doing some further “research” and check out a striptease show! Have fun!