Paris’ Famous Cabarets That Are Not Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge has been one of the hottest spots in Paris for over a hundred years. Approximately 600,000 tourists and locals visit it on a yearly basis, and its risqué acts, beautiful girls, sequined costumes, and entertaining can-can dances are famous worldwide. However, the Moulin Rouge isn’t the only iconic cabaret in the City of Light! Today, we’ll explore Paris’ other revered cabaret venues, from the sexy Crazy Horse to the prestigious Le Lido!

Celebrity-Approved Entertainment in Lido de Paris

This Paris cabaret was established in 1946. It is located on the Champs Elysées, aka the world’s most beautiful street! Le Lido is one of the hottest nightlife venues in Paris, and its shows certainly reflect that. Part of the reason why it has such a prestigious reputation is that it was visited by numerous celebrities and glamour icons. That includes Edit Piaf, Josephine Baker, Marlene Dietrich, Elton John, and many more.

Inside, you’ll witness some fabulous revues and variety shows with a perfect blend of new and old. Namely, the performances often include new technologies, such as laser effects and giant screens. You’ll also see glittering feathers, vintage costumes, and incredible talents!

Le Lido has a variety of adult shows featuring its iconic Bluebell Girls and Lido Boys in blue burlesque costumes. What’s more, you can book a gorgeous French dinner here, order a glass of champagne, or even enjoy some celebratory macarons. The audience can meet the performers and get unique one-on-one photos with them, as well as attend glamorous after-show parties. During the shows, you’ll see lots of tap dancing as well as clowns or even cowboys!

Toast to a Time-Honored Treat in Paradis Latin

The Paradis Latin is a true piece of French history. Napoleon commissioned it back in the 19th century! Originally, it was a theater, but it burned down in the late 1880s. Then, Gustave Eiffel rebuilt it. In the late 1970s, a new owner turned it into a cabaret.

After that, the Paradis Latin became one of the city’s most renowned adult show venues. Most of the interior and the main hall have retained Eiffel’s recognizable design. You’ll be able to see some design similarities between the Pardis Latin and the Eiffel Tower.

Overall, the best feature of this venue is its iconic can-can show. It features over 30 exceptional dancers! A cabaret show here will provide you with a chic cocktail of modern and vintage dances. Plus, you’ll see musical comedy, lavish surroundings, and some of the most beautiful performers in Paris.

What’s more, the Paradis Latin is known for its gravity-defying shows. They combine seduction and unique aerial attractions into one. Usually, the shows are followed by a grand finale that leaves the audience speechless! Plus, the food here is prepared by Guy Savoy, a legendary Michelin chef. This enchanting venue is famous not only for its events but also for its traditional and modern French gastronomy that you simply have to experience while visiting Paris!

A Sensual Celebration of the Female Form in Crazy Horse

If there’s anything that competes with the Moulin Rouge, it’s the Crazy Horse Cabaret! This legendary venue has wowed tourists and locals for over 60 years. You’ll find it right next to the Eiffel Tower. The Crazy Horse was built inside former wine cellars, and this contributes to its dreamlike atmosphere. Also, it’s one of the naughtiest Parisian cabarets!

The shows here are full of racy routines, dazzling performers, and sensual nudity. Most of the events feature female-only performers who have to train for over three months until they can take the stage. Each show lasts for over an hour, and it combines seduction, humor, and glamor while celebrating the nude female form. Like most other cabarets, the Crazy Horse provides drinking and dining options, but it also has a backstage for private tours with the dancers!

The Cancan Cabaret — Nouvelle Eve

If you are visiting Montmartre, the Nouvelle Eve is a hidden gem that perfectly represents Paris’ elegant history. It’s among the oldest cabarets in the city, and it was opened as a theater in the late 1800s. In 1949, a famous club owner purchased the venue and redecorated it in the Belle Epoque style. Today, it can accommodate an audience of 250 people, and it’s a famous destination for anyone who loves can-can.

Additionally, most of the shows at the Nouvelle Eve offer unique adaptations of can-can full of feathers and glitter. The interior features blue velvet and has many Belle Epoque elements. Plus, it has a starry ceiling and a multicolored Corinthian-styled stage that creates an unforgettable atmosphere. It’s a gorgeous blend of new artistic trends and classic Parisian chic!


If you plan to visit Paris, definitely check out some of these venues on your way to the Moulin Rouge. Have fun!