Samantha Wheeler

As a woman who has been part of many cabaret performances, she is the perfect person to give us inspiration for our articles. She has been our consultant for 5 years and we have published great content because of her expertise.

Jennifer Duran

Our senior writer, Jennifer is one of the people who have launched Her passion for cabaret shows has inspired her to write, promote, and spread informational articles through this website for everyone to start appreciating it.

Paula Donovan

Paula works full time backstage for several cabaret shows. She also writes for She lets us in on what’s happening behind the curtain and shares the art of preparing for a magnificent show.

Karl Bedford

Karl takes care of our schedules. He is the master of appointments and he never misses to remind us of upcoming schedules, so we don’t miss any great shows nearby. He dreams to be part of a show one day and with the connection we have, he might just be in one.