Incorporating Sensuality Into Fashion

In essence, clothes have a simple purpose. They exist to provide us with cover from the elements. However, that’s just on the outside. Throughout history, clothes always had a more profound meaning. Namely, fashion was a way to send out a message without opening your mouth. We use it to signal our social status, our nature, and of course, our sexual orientation. As such, talking about fashion can’t continue without mentioning sex.


Over the years, it’s safe to say that the way we dress has become way more flamboyant and expressive. By wearing this or that, we intend to better our appearance and intrigue others with what it would be like if we were to take our clothes off. And each new season, fashion designers look for new ways to up our sex appeal and make us more attractive. But can we take things further? Can our clothes be more sensual? Well, we think so! 

What Is Sensuality?

It’s pretty common for people to use sex and sensuality in the same context. Yet, these two terms don’t mean the same thing. Sure enough, they have a lot in common. But, to better understand sensual clothes, we need to make a clear distinction between these two.


Namely, sexual is a rather simple term. We use it to describe the intimate physical act between two people. Still, while explaining it, we usually add the sensual part into it, creating confusion between the two terms.


On the other hand, the term sensual is something that has to do with our senses. Our smell, taste, touch, sound, and smell. As such, sensuality covers every way we experience the world around us, including our sexual partners.


“But what does fashion have to do with this?” one might ask. Let’s find out, shall we?

What Is Sensual Fashion?

In some ways, all fashion is sensual. You can feel your clothes, smell them, and experience them with all your senses. But when talking about the term sensual fashion, it’s not enough to realize certain clothes exist physically in front of you.


For a dress to be sensual, it needs to stimulate your senses on a deeper level. Therefore, we can say that sensual fashion is clothing that makes us feel alive and a part of the surrounding scenery.


So, what would be a perfect example of sensual fashion? Is it sportswear that we carry around when going to the gym, or is it a jacket that accompanies us while hiking? Nope! Neither of them is what we’re on about. The perfect example of sensual fashion is the kind of clothes that we wear while looking for intimacy. It can be sexy garments like bras, G-strings, corsets, and fishnet stockings. Yet, there’s an even better example — latex fashion.


Latex fashion is an umbrella term for all clothes made from this material. It’s a shiny synthetic rubber that we use for catsuits, gloves, skirts, and facemasks that play a critical role in sexual fantasies that poke around power dynamics. BDSM is one of the most popular fetishes where people use latex. The reason is simple. The fetish has a certain dress code. 


However, unlike leather, which is expensive and not animal-friendly, latex is a budget and biodegradable option. It has similar sensual properties; it squeaks, shines, and grips tight, making every touch count more.

Sensuality and Relationships

In a perfect world, all romantic relationships are sensual. Two people love each other, cherish every second of being together, and always enjoy their sex life. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with many couples. No matter how strong and exciting things are in the beginning, it all eventually fades away, and we end up longing for what once was or could have been. All that becomes a breeding ground for infidelity, breakups, and pain.


Luckily, there are numerous ways to rejuvenate your sex life. Be it with the use of sex toys, experimenting with new and exciting sex positions, or role-play sex, it all comes down to your preferences. And if you want to make intercourse more sensual, well, trying out a latex dress or costume can be a great choice. It will make you feel sexier, make every touch feel better, and shed new light on your appearance.

Incorporating Sensual Clothing Into Relationships

There are numerous sex scenes in which latex clothing can fit perfectly. Some resemble real-life scenarios, while others are more out there. Nevertheless, the best way to incorporate sensual latex into your sex life is to try out some BDSM.


Sure, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with bondage, but hang on. Despite its bad reputation, BDSM can be safe if you use safe words and there’s consent. Moreover, both of these are essential to make it work in the first place.


Being dominant and submissive accompany latex outfits perfectly. And this is regardless if you’re a Dom in an all-black outfit or a sub in a shiny maid costume. Both will work like a charm, opening a new dimension of lust and desire for you and your partner.

How to Get Started With Sensual Clothing

Introducing something new into your sex life isn’t always an easy task. Aside from you having doubts about it, you risk rejection from your partner. Therefore, it’s key to talk about it openly like two adults, explaining what it is you’re looking for and how it can benefit you both.


Then again, if it’s just an outfit you’re looking to try out, why not make it a surprise? Picture it like this. You wait for your partner to come home, and instead of greeting them at the door, you tell them to meet you in the bedroom in a few minutes. So, as they enter the room, you pop up all suited up and talking dirty like a real dominatrix.


If that doesn’t suit your idea of a good time, there are plenty of sex role-play ideas you can find at From classics like teacher-student and nurse-patient scenarios to others that exist outside real life and in a fantasy land of their own. But the best part is that you can use latex clothing in any of them, and it will pay off big time. It will make your sex sensual and thus more intimate.