How to Decide What Type of Butt Plug Is the Best for You

Butt plugs are among the hottest, kinkiest, and most versatile sex toys! They are fantastic for people who are obsessed with butt stuff. Plus, they are the best toy for newbies who are just beginning to explore the naughty world of anal play! Couples and solo anal explorers can use them for all kinds of backdoor fun. Some of the things you can do with butt plugs include anal training, submissive play, DP, etc. Some other kinks involve prostate stimulation, stretching or gaping, wearing them in public, and the list goes on. 

However, if you’ve never tried them and are feeling a little intimidated, we’ll teach you how to decide what type of butt plug is the best for you! Take a look at this article about finding your dream buttplug! 

Butt Plugs Have Variety of Shapes, Size, and Features 

While you’ll find them in countless varieties, these kinky toys all share a characteristic teardrop-like shape. Anyone who has an anus and some enthusiasm can use them. That means anal plugs are a universal toy that transcends sexual orientation and gender. 

Essentially, the toy is meant to plug your anus. That creates a special type of pressure that can leave you trembling! Overall, most butt plug types have a conical shape that gets wider at the bottom. They also have a flared base. This base is incredibly important for any plug. It stops the toy from fully entering your booty hole and getting stuck in it. But even though these gadgets share some standard features, they are available in various designs, shapes, materials, and sizes. 

Generally, some of the most common plug types are standard, vibrating, jeweled, tunnel, inflatable, extra-large, animal tail, prostate massager, etc. The standard type has a classic shape that you’re probably already familiar with. It’s made out of a smooth material like silicone and ranges in size from three to five inches or more. A vibrating plug is similar to the standard type, except that it contains a pulsating motor on the inside. This toy is undoubtedly the top butt plug for women. Its vibrations can reach the clitoris, G-spot, and vagina through the anus to create powerful orgasms!

Other kinds like jeweled plugs are made of stainless steel. They contain a pretty gemstone or diamond at their base for a classy and sexy look. The other variants all have special features too. What’s more, the most frequent butt plug materials are silicone, metal, glass, jelly, plastic, and others.

Identify the Goal of Using a Butt Plug

So which kind will be the best for your experiments? Well, that will depend on what turns you on. 

For instance, during solo play and masturbation, the standard or vibrating plug will be ideal. You can use this type in combination with other activities. That includes foreplay, vaginal/penile masturbation, vaginal penetration to simulate DP, etc. Furthermore, you can try it on your partner while penetrating them, giving them oral sex, and other types of naughty activities. This anal toy is also the right one to use if you’re thinking about wearing it outdoors without anyone noticing. 

And if your goal is to get trained or dominate your partner with lots of BDSM play, you can even choose some of the kinkier options. These include inflatable plugs, hollow tunnel plugs, and even extra-large variants for extreme insertions. Inflatable plugs are highly popular because they can double in size when they expand. That results in intense stretching and pressure that is simply perfect for submissive play and domination. What’s more, tunnel plugs will train you to gape. And if you’re really adventurous, try an extra-large one. With over nine inches in girth, it will definitely stretch you out. This toy can also allow you to dominate your partner like never before. 

What’s more, if you’re looking for a butt plug for beginners, anal training kits could be perfect. These contain a variety of different-sized plugs. You can use them to prep for anal sex with bigger dildos or your partner’s penis. The kits will also allow you to increase the plug size from small to large. They are also a fantastic investment for any sex toy collection due to their size variety. 

So before you order one, consider your butt plug goals. Think about what could turn you on the most!

Reminder to Start With a Smaller Size and Work Your Way Up

Regardless of any type, keep in mind that your asshole is highly sensitive. An untrained booty is exceptionally tight. If you simply grab the biggest plug at first, you could experience discomfort and pain.

That’s why beginners should always try the smallest toys first. It is usually about the same girth and length as a finger. This type of plug will probably not cause you any pain. As for the material, it’s best to use a silicone butt plug. Silicone toys are soft, easy to clean, and highly effective for newbies. If you’re patient, the real fun will start once you explore all sorts of different sizes and gradually work your way up. That’s why it’s clever to invest in butt plug kits with a variety of sizes. Another option for newbies is to get an inflatable toy. You can inflate this plug to your desired size after insertion. It will allow you to stretch your booty gradually, and you can increase the size after each session. 

Safety Reminders for Using a Butt Plug

Like we’ve said before, your sexual appetite could deceive you. You could end up with a toy that is too big at first. Thus, it’s best to start small and find something that allows for easy insertion. Another crucial safety tip is always to use lubricant during butt plug insertion and removal. It will eliminate any pain and make all the sensations caused by the toy much more pleasurable. In addition, lube will decrease any risks of anal tears and similar issues. And before you begin, make sure that you’re clean and that your bowels are empty. And if you’re planning to wear the plug for a long time, 2–3 hours is the maximum. Even if you’ve heard stories of people plugging themselves up overnight, don’t risk it as it can be harmful.

Final Thoughts

Butt plugs can transform your sex life and bring you waves of intense anal pleasure! Now that you know all about choosing the perfect toy, it’s time to put your thoughts into action. Find your ideal butt plug and let your imagination roam free! This collection of will help you decide which butt plug design is for you. Good luck!