How to decide what type of butt plug is the best for you

How to choose your plug, a question I often get asked in a private message. I will explain the difference between an anal plug and a rosebud, the different shapes and materials. But you also need to know how you are going to use it.

Anal Plug Or Rosebud?

Comparative Rosebuds

As I wrote at the start, you have to know the difference between an anal plug and a rosebud. An anal plug is a sextoy intended for the preparation of sodomy by dilating the anus gradually. It is generally conical in shape, and is available in several different sizes and materials.

A rosebud or anal jewel, adorns the anus with a jewel, tail or other accessory to enhance it while stimulating it. Like the plug, the rosebud is available in different sizes and materials. Its finer shape at the level of the anus with a wide base allows it to be worn for several hours without risk of losing it.

The Criteria For Choosing Are Anal Plug

Choosing your anal plug is always quite tricky, whether you are an experienced person or not. You must already know your need. Are you a person who wants to learn anal pleasure? Or on the contrary you want to surpass yourself by taking an ever larger plug.

  • Do you have a preference for the material? Soft or hard?
  • Which shape will be more suitable for your anus?
  • And finally the security criterion.

Note that the price for an anal plug varies from a few euros to several hundred euros.

  • dildo anal metal sextoy
  • Cone butt plug
  • Stealth

How To Choose The Size Of Your Anal Plug?

You want to initiate yourself into anal pleasure, or on the contrary, you want to expand your plug collection. The process will not be the same.

If you are a beginner, I advise you to buy a box. Count twenty or thirty euros for a box of 3 to 5 plugs. Of different sizes, the diameter varies between 2 to 5 centimeters, allowing you once used to the smallest diameter, to climb gradually. A diameter of 2 centimeters allows you to initiate yourself very gently, limiting the risk of pain and thus allowing you to start again without being afraid. This type of box is also interesting, because you will have enough different sizes to dilate your anus gradually during an evening. So that a more experienced person will certainly start directly with a medium size plug. The price of these boxes is very affordable, saving you from losing too much money if you don’t like anal stimulation. However, the quality of these plugs is generally not very good.

Beginner plug box

If you are already a follower of sodomy, I think that you will either seek a different pleasure according to the form, or to seek always larger. For the size, I advise you not to grill steps. If an anal plug of 3 cm in diameter is a commonplace for you, I advise you not to exceed 4 cm for your next purchase. It is best to go gently to avoid any pain or bonding of the rectal tissue or anus. You will also have to look at the insertable length, which depending on the material (soft or hard) will be completely different.

How To Choose The Material Of Your Anal Plug?

The material of the anal plug goes hand in hand with the size. You are used to a medium sized silicone plug, and you want to go through a larger plug, but in glass or stainless steel, you may encounter some difficulties. All flexible materials, such as silicone or jelly, give flexibility to the plug, making it easier to insert, and to follow the shape of the rectum. While all hard materials, such as stainless steel, wood or glass, will not contract during insertion, but above all will be heavier and will be less comfortable.

Glass plug

For a beginner, it will therefore be preferable to use flexible materials. While for amateurs, changing the material will allow you to discover new sensations, weight, cold-hot effect, and you can keep it for years without problems.

How To Choose The Shape Of Your Butt Plug?

The basic shape of an anal plug is generally conical, allowing progressive and easy penetration. With a little more experience, you will certainly seek a different pleasure, the form intervenes at this moment. For shapes, there are no limits and some manufacturers offer more fanciful shapes than the others.

The shape is interesting for stimulating the anus when inserting or removing the plug, and will be very little felt once the sex toy is in place. Shapes like the spiral or the balls are good examples.

  • There is also a plug tunnel , opening your anus completely, and even allowing for some to insert sex toys or even a male sex.
  • Without forgetting certain forms which stimulate the prostate of the men.
  • Some plug boxes offer different shapes, always ideal for beginners.

This collection of will help you decide which but plug design is for you.

The Security Criterion

An important criterion that we often forget, whether for a plug like a rosebud, safety! Unfortunately, sometimes the plug gets sucked. Good, I reassure you immediately, it is quite rare, but it is especially annoying.

You do not put anything in your ass, and it is essential to choose your sex toys carefully. To avoid any risk, the base must be as wide as possible. But the wider it is, the less comfortable it is. Some manufacturers have therefore thought of us by installing an oval base.

Choosing your anal plug can become a real headache! Do not hesitate to read tests to get a first opinion or to browse sites specialized in the field: The plug house. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment after this article, or go to the forum.

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