Here’s What Goes on at a Gentlemen’s Club

Did you know that there’s a difference between strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs? Actually, gentlemen’s clubs have a long history that many people have forgotten. Today, we’ll take you on a journey to explore gentlemen’s clubs, and we’ll explain what they’re really like. So here’s what goes on at a gentlemen’s club!

Traditional Gentlemen’s Club

Historically, gentlemen’s clubs were established back in the 1700s in Britain. They were made for upper-class males. While many of them were founded in England, the clubs extended all across the British Empire. That includes countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. These clubs first blossomed in London’s West End, specifically in St James’s district. Their popularity soared by the end of the 1800s, with over 400 active clubs. Some of the most notable clubs included Boodle’s, Brooks’s, and White’s.

Traditionally, those establishments had an aristocratic atmosphere. They also provided some illegal gambling games. That’s why many of them were members-only. However, they still remained exclusive to the selected male clientele, and the waiting lists were enormous. Quite swiftly, gentlemen’s clubs became part of British tradition, but other countries also followed.

The U.S. has one or more men’s clubs in every major city today for example. You can also find them in Canada, France, Sweden, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, etc. By the late 1800s, you could even find women’s clubs in Britain. The most notable is the University Women’s Club.

How Does It Work?

So how do these clubs work? Well, most of them have a set of entry requirements. That could include financial requirements, social status, or even affiliations with major colleges. Some clubs like the Yale Club only allow male alumni for instance. Others, like London’s Caledonian Club, have rules that are much more precise. The members of this club need to prove their Scottish lineage or some sort of close association with Scotland. One of the most famous establishments, the Travellers Club, only accepts members that have traveled over 500 miles outside of London.

As you can see, some of those rules are incredibly specific, and they can vary depending on the club. Nevertheless, one thing is true: men’s clubs are private establishments that only cater to men. They provide a space for men to socialize with others and relax while sharing some common interests.

Today, It’s Basically a Strip Club

Over the years, gentlemen’s clubs became associated with striptease and lap dances. Many strip clubs call themselves gentlemen’s clubs nowadays, even though they are completely different. Still, modern gentlemen’s clubs with striptease are a bit different compared to other venues.

For starters, many have rules regarding clothing and behavior. There might be a strict dress code for formal wear. That includes shirts, slacks, etc. Also, the vibe of a gentleman’s club is much more subdued compared to a run-of-the-mill strip joint. Gentlemen’s clubs often prohibit rowdy behavior, wild party bros, loud patrons, etc. That means the guests don’t have to deal with annoying drunk guys who can ruin their experience. Instead, men’s clubs require the guests to enjoy the striptease calmly and behave decently.

What’s more, the rates for the drinks, food, and girls are much higher in these clubs, but so is the quality. Also, the girls may even allow patrons to touch them. However, gentlemen’s clubs also could host professional escorts. That means men with deep pockets could pay them for a private dance. They could even request sex and take the action to the club’s backroom or a hotel.

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Finally, these kinds of gentlemen’s clubs look much classier compared to regular strip clubs. They offer luxurious interior design, classy furnishing, clean tables, and an upscale environment.

Are There Still OG Gentlemen’s Clubs?

As mentioned, there are many traditional gentlemen’s clubs around the world today. However, if you search for gentlemen’s clubs online, you’ll mostly see results for their modern strip club variants. That’s why you could think that the traditional clubs are extinct, while there are actually quite a few that are still around.

For instance, the Travellers Club is among the oldest clubs that are still operating in London today. Other OG men’s clubs are the Liverpool Athenaeum, Clifton Club, St James’s Club, Ulster Reform Club, etc. Some clubs that are more modern include the Home House, Soho House, and Groucho Club.

There are many more original gentlemen’s clubs, and they still operate today with the same rules and activities. Today, it’s common to pay a subscription fee to gain entry because the clubs are facing commercial and financial concerns. They are not as popular as they used to be, but they still attract some male clientele.

Currently, traditional clubs offer comfortable surroundings, foods, drinks, etc. They stick to traditional values as opposed to their modern alternatives, which offer striptease and sex. However, many original men’s clubs have expanded to provide venue rentals or accommodation in order to make some money on the side. What’s more, many traditional establishments prohibit or frown upon the use of cellphones, laptops, and Wi-Fi. They could also ban work-related discussions to eliminate distractions and allow men to chill out in great company.

Final Thoughts

So what would you prefer: a traditional men’s club or a modern gentlemen’s club with exotic strippers? Would you try to become a member? There’s only one way to find out!