Pumpkin 101: The Dark Side

Pumpkin carving not your forte?  No problem – there’s more than one way to style your squash! No need to be seedy, let your gourd down and while we’re in full PUN-kin force, get pumped for the first of my pumpkin DIY specials (ahahahaaaa). If dark, gothic, glamour is your thing then this simple but striking pumpkin design is for you!  All you need is a pumpkin … Continue reading Pumpkin 101: The Dark Side

Denim dreams and summer time tops

Hooray for bank holidays and all that extra making time. The august bank holiday was a real treat because I managed to find time to continue celebrations for my birthday (woop), sort another whole section of my flat out and make time for some all important sewing. This month for Minerva Crafts I tackled the New Look Ladies Easy Skirt sewing pattern for the second time -this … Continue reading Denim dreams and summer time tops

PhotoGEMS: Personalised Notebooks

We all need more notebooks right? One for thoughts, one for plans, one to look pretty on your desk, one to carry around to look efficient and so on.  I love buying a new notebook but I’m also very very particular about the styles I like.  This year I’ve been doing an embroidery project and I’ve been taking photos of each finished piece – so it … Continue reading PhotoGEMS: Personalised Notebooks

The joys of sewing rogue…

Have you ever just started making something (crafting, painting, drawing, sewing, whatever your creative outlet of choice may be..) without really knowing how it would turn out? And I don’t just mean whether you like it once it’s complete, but where you go a little rogue in the process; with no set plan but only a spark of an idea of how it might turn … Continue reading The joys of sewing rogue…

Jumpsuit Joy

Do you love jumpsuits? Because I love jumpsuits! They’re comfy, awesome for going from lounge to lively in one leap and they’re so stylishly laid back. I love them. Now annoyingly as I’m pretty tall but not super skinny I find it really hard to buy jumpsuits that properly fit me (I have a longer body/shorter legs than most for my height) so I figured … Continue reading Jumpsuit Joy

DIY: Nailed it with Zazzle

It’s confession time. I’m ashamed to say it, particularly as a crafter as it feels like my hands are on show all the time, but my nails are a total atrocity.  A combo of biting them when I was younger (and in times of stress), working with wire, tapes, glues, intricate beading and just plain old bad luck has left me with super short, super … Continue reading DIY: Nailed it with Zazzle

DIY: Easy Tote Bag

I own quite a lot of tote bags already but I use them for everything – particularly storing craft materials.  This is a great little project that’s quick, will result in a really useful and beautiful bag and will help you practice some basics in construction (read fiddly sewing!). The fabric was a DIY in its own right as I actually designed the pattern myself.  … Continue reading DIY: Easy Tote Bag

Summer Time Skirt

My latest make for Minerva Crafts Blogger Network is now online. This month I made a simple skirt – on my own, sans mums help, sewing solo! Quite the achievement! This pattern was great for beginners so if you’re considering starting to sew this is a great way in. You can read the full post here and the gorgeous William Morris fabric can be found here … Continue reading Summer Time Skirt

DIY: Flower Crown

Sunshine, blue skies, colour everywhere – could this be summer?  Yes please!  My diary is filling up with picnics, my garden has been overtaken by bluebells and it’s also Chelsea Flower show in just a few weeks so what better way to while away an afternoon than by making a pretty floral crown.  Flower headdresses have been a staple of festivals, rustic weddings and craft … Continue reading DIY: Flower Crown

DIY: Easy Tassel Cards

I wish so much that I was one of those people that is just all over making handmade birthday, engagement, new baby, anniversary cards.  Truth is I’m never quite organised enough to do it… plus I have various packs of beautiful cards I’ve been given over the years that need using up (so my laziness is helping me sort – kapish?).  However there are certain people … Continue reading DIY: Easy Tassel Cards

DIY: EMOJI keyrings!

I am an emoji addict.  I love those little critters.  I’ve swapped to an iphone recently and honestly the main improvement I talk about is the fact I now have unicorn and champagne emojis.  And I’m not the only one – have you seen the hundreds of emoji makes coming from blogs like Studio DIY and Aww Sam?  Some of my favourites are these awesome … Continue reading DIY: EMOJI keyrings!

How to have the perfect Crafternoon

Crafternoon: An afternoon spent gloriously reveling in all things crafty I am clearly a lover of craft and so one of my fave ways to spend an afternoon is making stuff.  I always have a load of projects on the go (read: unfinished) and I like to flit between them (read: get distracted easily) so finding time to craft is a bit of a necessity… … Continue reading How to have the perfect Crafternoon

DIY: Leather Look Tablet Case

I’ve got a new DIY up on Minerva Crafts: this gorgeous leather look tablet case.  I am so so in love with this fabric – I adore the rich colour and the marbled effect makes it look really expensive.  I’ve needed to make a case for my tablet for over a year (oops) so I’m really glad I’ve finally done it! You can view the full … Continue reading DIY: Leather Look Tablet Case

DIY: Easter Egg garland

Need some last minute easter decor?  Look no further!  This simple garland will take you 20 minutes and give you instant eastery colour-pop joy! I have a bit of an obsession with Tiger Stores at the moment – particularly their pattern design.  Every few weeks a new range comes out with a beautiful new colour palette.  Recently they’ve had some seriously gorgeous geometric prints and … Continue reading DIY: Easter Egg garland

DIY: Felt Easter Baskets

Easter baskets can make really sweet table centre pieces, and as part of my craft hoarding challenge I had, had, had to use up some of the mountain of felt that I own!  Once you’ve mastered the simple weaving technique you can play with size and colour – this design is pretty easy so also a great once to make with kids! You Will Need: A … Continue reading DIY: Felt Easter Baskets