10 Creative Easter DIYs

Spring is in the air (finally) and easter is on it’s way which can only mean one thing: my pinterest is about to become full of very beautifully designed eggs, cute bunny crafts, florals and baking!  There are tons and tons of cute DIYs for kids out there but your easter decor doesn’t need to be all card cut-outs and glued on pompoms (although I … Continue reading 10 Creative Easter DIYs

Making Lately: Year of Collaboration

I haven’t written a Making Lately post for a while – partly because I’ve been so damn busy I haven’t had much time to get my thoughts in order!  Having said that some absolutely amazing things have already happened in the last few months that I am ridiculously happy about.  I wanted to collaborate more this year, I even had some dream brands to try and … Continue reading Making Lately: Year of Collaboration

Seasons of Love

Happy february and welcome to the season of love – with Valentines Day at its peak. Whether you love or loathe Valentines Day I like to think there’s something rather beautiful about a time of year you can go that little bit more out of your way to show people you care. Also let’s be honest – it’s a crafters DREAM and any anxiety about it … Continue reading Seasons of Love

My highlights of 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all saw the new year in with friends, fun and all of the fizz! I sure did… which is why I wrote this post a few days back and scheduled it so I wouldn’t have to crawl out from under my duvet #organised (however after posting this it was pointed out that I’d written 2016 instead of 2015 in … Continue reading My highlights of 2015

My crafty Christmas wish list

Santa baby I’m not too fussed about cars or rings.. or even yachts but there are some crafty bits and pieces that I would love to find under my tree this Christmas!  More and more I try to ask for quite specific things for christmas and birthdays. Don’t get me wrong I love surprises and creative presents and I know it can be much more fun … Continue reading My crafty Christmas wish list

5 recipe books to nourish

I really love cooking – it’s a bit of a sunday night ritual to cook up a big batch of something nourishing and delicious that can be my lunches for the start of the week.  Cooking from scratch also always makes me feel like I’m looking after myself more (even if I’m actually making something not that healthy!!) because I can see what’s going into … Continue reading 5 recipe books to nourish

5 Top Tips for Public Speaking

Do you find public speaking scary?  I do (even as a theatre graduate). However in my day job I regularly have to give talks, introduce acts and projects and constantly meet new people, all of which has given me a little more confidence when it comes to grabbing a mic.  When I run events I also have to host them, and Crafternoon Cabaret Club would … Continue reading 5 Top Tips for Public Speaking

The Handmade Fair: My top Super Theatre Sessions

The Handmade Fair is almost upon us – my house is FULL to the brim with crafting supplies and I’m so excited to meet all the VIP ticket holders and get crafting.  One of the strengths I think The Handmade Fair has over some other smaller craft fairs is the opportunity to hear from experts who really are at the top of their game.  Luckily … Continue reading The Handmade Fair: My top Super Theatre Sessions

My Top Workshop Picks at The Handmade Fair 2015

After finally announcing my involvement in The Handmade Fair I’ve been looking through all of the wonderful and inspiring workshops and talks that will be taking place.  I had actually bought tickets to attend with my mum way back when they first went on sale but now even more workshops have been announced and BOY do they look good.  One of my favourite things about … Continue reading My Top Workshop Picks at The Handmade Fair 2015

How to make Kick-Ass Bunting

I’ve been making a TON of bunting for my wedding.  Making metres of bunting is really easy, casual and chilled (said no-one ever!). I was lucky – I had lots and lots of help from my mum who gallantly made all of the bunting triangles, so that I was just left with the job of sewing it all up with bunting tape.  I love bunting (see … Continue reading How to make Kick-Ass Bunting

5 quick easy ways to be creative!

Creativity leads to more creativity – makes sense right?  If you are creative; be it sewing, drawing, writing, crafting, and practicing your craft – actually making – then your mind frees up, you look at things around you in a more imaginative manner, you get new ideas and before you know it – creativity is literally flowing from your pores.  Equally making yourself start, getting that creativity … Continue reading 5 quick easy ways to be creative!

Love love love! Stamped Valentines Card

Love is in the air!!  It’s almost valentine’s day!  I absolutely love Valentine’s day.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t love the jumped up prices on my favourite restaurants or the crazy eyed teddy bears but I LOVE the buzziness, the flowers: that’s right – even if they’re not mine I love seeing people clutching roses, flower deliveries at work and shops bursting with colour! (…of course … Continue reading Love love love! Stamped Valentines Card

5 Wedding DIYs I want to try

I’m discovering that certain expectations come with being ‘crafty’ and engaged… it’s probably along the same lines as stand-up comedians who have to give the groom/best-man speech.  So naturally I’m going to be infusing some DIY craftiness into the big day.  I can safely say I won’t be sewing my own wedding dress or making my own accessories; however much I like to let loose on … Continue reading 5 Wedding DIYs I want to try

5 reasons to knit on trains

Knitting is trains is cool! And awesome for so many reasons. Here are 5 of the best 1. It fills and kills time. Got a 5 hour train ahead of you? Knit your way though it! Just been delayed by half an hour? Whip out those needles and make the most of the extra time! All delay related travel-stress worries are instantly banished! 2. It’s … Continue reading 5 reasons to knit on trains