17 goals for 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Normally I use this post to go through my big old list of new year resolutions, as well as checking off my list from last year (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, realising just how many I didn’t quite manage, how many dropped by the wayside in January and how many were really just pipedreams that were never going … Continue reading 17 goals for 2017

20 things I love about Autumn

Crisp air, bright mornings, golden light – I think Autumn is upon us! Sometimes the start of this fickle season of blustery winds and sudden rain showers can be a bit miserable but here are 20 reasons why I love Autumn. 1. Back to school vibes – everyone’s feeling them so it’s the perfect time to stock up on stationery and kick start new hobbies … Continue reading 20 things I love about Autumn

100 days of flat lay round up

I had intended to do a round up for this every ten days but I finished the challenge completely a few weeks back and had only done this twice… So.. Let’s stick to highlights, lowlights and a few thoughts from doing the challenge for a second time. For anyone who didn’t  read my original post which covered what the 100 day project actually is, you … Continue reading 100 days of flat lay round up

#the100dayproject round up: Day 10 – 20

I’m now over a quarter of the way through my 100 day project of making a beautiful flat lay every day for 100 days.  I’ve been really enjoying exploring other projects on instagram and seeing the really imaginative themes people have come up with, and I’m only just starting to feel a glimmer of anxiety about just how long 100 days really is… so it’s … Continue reading #the100dayproject round up: Day 10 – 20

The100DayProject Ten Days In 

Some of you might follow me on Instagram and have seen my posts for the 100 days project challenge. My theme for this year is 100 days of flat lay with a particular crafty focus. Other then completing the challenge (of course) I’m hoping that my theme will help me improve my photography and styling, as well as helping to develop my creative eye.  I’ve … Continue reading The100DayProject Ten Days In 

The 100 Day Project 2016

The 100 day project starts tomorrow and I have finally umm’d and ahh’d my way into taking it on again this year.  The umming and ahhing was pretty serious stuff because whilst I enjoyed the challenge 100 days is a really long time and there were days when I was just tired and grump and hated it! But – onwards and upwards!  The premise is … Continue reading The 100 Day Project 2016

Playing with patterns and Creative Daily Challenges

On my list of skills I wanted to try this year was fabric design.  Really what I meant by this was trying my hand at creating patterns.  It’s an area I have never really considered before: I’m by no means a graphic designer and I’m always in awe at the beautiful creations digital makers and painters can summon up.  I do love to doodle and … Continue reading Playing with patterns and Creative Daily Challenges

26 thoughts I had sewing my first dress

Recently I decided to bite the bullet and sew a dress from scratch for the very first time. Already a challenge I then decided to try and make the dress in 1 sewing session, across 1 day. Sure.  Thankfully my mum offered to help or I think I would have ended the day still dressless and crying in a pile of useless fabric remnants clutching … Continue reading 26 thoughts I had sewing my first dress

pompom and wool wrapped wreath

Crafty Beggars in the House

You may have spotted me shouting on twitter about being on the telly recently! I was a guest on the show Crafty Beggars – being interviewed by the lovely Julie Peasgood and Wendy Turner-Webster. I actually met Julie at The Handmade Fair and I was so so chuffed to be invited on. On my episode the other guests were the lovely Elspbeth of Ragged Life … Continue reading Crafty Beggars in the House

How to have the perfect Crafternoon

Crafternoon: An afternoon spent gloriously reveling in all things crafty I am clearly a lover of craft and so one of my fave ways to spend an afternoon is making stuff.  I always have a load of projects on the go (read: unfinished) and I like to flit between them (read: get distracted easily) so finding time to craft is a bit of a necessity… … Continue reading How to have the perfect Crafternoon

sew over it betty dress pattern

My first dressmaking pattern

I’ve just bought my first dressmaking pattern and I’m finally finally going to tick off a resolution of about 2 years back that I would make something to wear. It’s a Betty dress from Sew Over It – in a simple vintage style and I’ve chosen some simple polka dot navy cotton dress fabric to make it with. Luckily my mum has agreed to make … Continue reading My first dressmaking pattern

10 Creative Easter DIYs

Spring is in the air (finally) and easter is on it’s way which can only mean one thing: my pinterest is about to become full of very beautifully designed eggs, cute bunny crafts, florals and baking!  There are tons and tons of cute DIYs for kids out there but your easter decor doesn’t need to be all card cut-outs and glued on pompoms (although I … Continue reading 10 Creative Easter DIYs

Clearing out my craft cave

It’s become apparent over the last year that I have developed somewhat of a craft cave.  It’s pretty difficult to navigate, who knows what treasures are hidden away, and quite frankly the height of the piles could cause a collapse at any second.  It’s a dangerous and yet delightful place with a real hold over me.  I feel attached to every single item within but … Continue reading Clearing out my craft cave

My Heroines: Happy International Women’s day

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!  As this post goes live I will be running around Southbank Centre managing 1000 girls aged 11 – 18 in a day of talks, workshops and music celebrating heroines.  I’ve also agreed to tweet about my day for my university so follow along #UoBWomen too to see a whole range of IWD celebrations! As part of this exciting event I asked … Continue reading My Heroines: Happy International Women’s day

Seasons of Love

Happy february and welcome to the season of love – with Valentines Day at its peak. Whether you love or loathe Valentines Day I like to think there’s something rather beautiful about a time of year you can go that little bit more out of your way to show people you care. Also let’s be honest – it’s a crafters DREAM and any anxiety about it … Continue reading Seasons of Love