Making lately: Tees, Trips and Trainers

I don’t really understand where the last month has gone.  I’ve been so busy with work, and life, and hens, and birthdays, and a glorious trip to Florence (bragging) that I was again caught off guard with the deadline for my latest make for Minerva Crafts.  Why do I do this to myself???  This month I continued my tops theme with a simple V-neck top … Continue reading Making lately: Tees, Trips and Trainers

17 goals for 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Normally I use this post to go through my big old list of new year resolutions, as well as checking off my list from last year (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, realising just how many I didn’t quite manage, how many dropped by the wayside in January and how many were really just pipedreams that were never going … Continue reading 17 goals for 2017

Making Lately: Fittings and Festivities

I still view myself as a fairly new sewist – particularly when it comes to making clothes. Although I’ve got a secret (not any more mate!) aspiration to be able to take part in Me Made May I’ve got a long way to go before I can quickly and successfully whip up a new garment. I also have a bit of an issue with finishing … Continue reading Making Lately: Fittings and Festivities

Book Review: Collage Carnival

Lizzie Lees’ book Collage Carnival is a real gem of cool creativity. A book that calls you to cut, colour and paste to your hearts content is a dream for anyone who wants or needs some quick messy making in their life. Imagine a cross between the wreck this journal series and gloriously designed adult colouring books with your favourite childhood bumper sticker book and … Continue reading Book Review: Collage Carnival

20 things I love about Autumn

Crisp air, bright mornings, golden light – I think Autumn is upon us! Sometimes the start of this fickle season of blustery winds and sudden rain showers can be a bit miserable but here are 20 reasons why I love Autumn. 1. Back to school vibes – everyone’s feeling them so it’s the perfect time to stock up on stationery and kick start new hobbies … Continue reading 20 things I love about Autumn

Fabrics to make you go OOH

Sometimes you discover a fabric, or range of fabrics, that is just everything.  Gorgeous styles, perfect tones, uniquely inventive designs.  In short fabrics that make you want to run giggling to your sewing machine with delirious joy; mountains of material wrapped round your shoulders. This is what Leah Duncan’s range of Art Gallery Fabrics does to me.  I AM GIDDY.  They are so freaking luscious, the designs are … Continue reading Fabrics to make you go OOH

A box of crafty goodness from Makerly

I love post, but you know what I love more than post?  Crafty goodies through the post!  Makerly are a brand new craft subscription box all about providing materials and inspiration for makers.  There are quite a few craft/creative subscription boxes on the market these days, each with their own unique charm which means its easier than ever to find one that will really inspire … Continue reading A box of crafty goodness from Makerly

100 days of flat lay round up

I had intended to do a round up for this every ten days but I finished the challenge completely a few weeks back and had only done this twice… So.. Let’s stick to highlights, lowlights and a few thoughts from doing the challenge for a second time. For anyone who didn’t  read my original post which covered what the 100 day project actually is, you … Continue reading 100 days of flat lay round up

PhotoGEMS: Personalised Notebooks

We all need more notebooks right? One for thoughts, one for plans, one to look pretty on your desk, one to carry around to look efficient and so on.  I love buying a new notebook but I’m also very very particular about the styles I like.  This year I’ve been doing an embroidery project and I’ve been taking photos of each finished piece – so it … Continue reading PhotoGEMS: Personalised Notebooks

Tablescaping with IKEA

On a very very warm July evening I found myself wandering through Soho to a beautiful events venue on Greek St to learn about tablescaping with the gods of fun, stylish and affordable interiors IKEA! I have a special love for an IKEA trip: the beautiful room layouts, the cushions, the huge variety of I-didn’t-know-I-needed-that-until-I-saw-it’s, and of course meatballs! Needless to say I was excited! … Continue reading Tablescaping with IKEA


There are some changes afoot around here *cue music*. I have been blogging in this little corner of the Internet for 3 and a half years, and running Crafternoon Cabaret Club for almost as long. All this time I’ve also been working full time at Southbank Centre, most recently running the schools programme. It has been intense, incredible, exciting, highly creative and highly exhausting.  I … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

DIY: Nailed it with Zazzle

It’s confession time. I’m ashamed to say it, particularly as a crafter as it feels like my hands are on show all the time, but my nails are a total atrocity.  A combo of biting them when I was younger (and in times of stress), working with wire, tapes, glues, intricate beading and just plain old bad luck has left me with super short, super … Continue reading DIY: Nailed it with Zazzle

#the100dayproject round up: Day 10 – 20

I’m now over a quarter of the way through my 100 day project of making a beautiful flat lay every day for 100 days.  I’ve been really enjoying exploring other projects on instagram and seeing the really imaginative themes people have come up with, and I’m only just starting to feel a glimmer of anxiety about just how long 100 days really is… so it’s … Continue reading #the100dayproject round up: Day 10 – 20

Paperchase Collaboration: Project Craft

Back in March I worked on a really exciting project with one of my absolutely favourite brands – Paperchase!  I LOVE Paperchase – their collections are so creative and pretty so I was really delighted to get to work with them to contribute to their new online and in-store craft workshops: Project Craft.   I created two tutorials for Paperchase – all about pompoms; fluttery feminine tissue … Continue reading Paperchase Collaboration: Project Craft

Glittery Glittery Hands

Glitter fixes everything no? Whether used in crafts, makeup, fashion it’s silly and fun and uplifting and always makes me smile.  So I was very intrigued to hear about a new crafty subscription box dedicated to glitter worshipers – The Glittery Hands Box.  This very cute idea ships out a monthly themed box to it’s subscribers full of crafty bits and pieces to inspire.  Rather … Continue reading Glittery Glittery Hands