#the100dayproject round up: Day 10 – 20

I’m now over a quarter of the way through my 100 day project of making a beautiful flat lay every day for 100 days.  I’ve been really enjoying exploring other projects on instagram and seeing the really imaginative themes people have come up with, and I’m only just starting to feel a glimmer of anxiety about just how long 100 days really is… so it’s … Continue reading #the100dayproject round up: Day 10 – 20

The100DayProject Ten Days In 

Some of you might follow me on Instagram and have seen my posts for the 100 days project challenge. My theme for this year is 100 days of flat lay with a particular crafty focus. Other then completing the challenge (of course) I’m hoping that my theme will help me improve my photography and styling, as well as helping to develop my creative eye.  I’ve … Continue reading The100DayProject Ten Days In 

The 100 Day Project 2016

The 100 day project starts tomorrow and I have finally umm’d and ahh’d my way into taking it on again this year.  The umming and ahhing was pretty serious stuff because whilst I enjoyed the challenge 100 days is a really long time and there were days when I was just tired and grump and hated it! But – onwards and upwards!  The premise is … Continue reading The 100 Day Project 2016

Playing with patterns and Creative Daily Challenges

On my list of skills I wanted to try this year was fabric design.  Really what I meant by this was trying my hand at creating patterns.  It’s an area I have never really considered before: I’m by no means a graphic designer and I’m always in awe at the beautiful creations digital makers and painters can summon up.  I do love to doodle and … Continue reading Playing with patterns and Creative Daily Challenges

A mini blogging break

I took an unplanned blogging break last week. I was starting to feel massively overloaded with an ever growing to do list and generally a bit overwhelmed so I felt rather than putting content out there that I wasn’t happy with I’d press pause and let myself regroup. I’m a bit of a busy person to a fault really – I like having different projects on … Continue reading A mini blogging break

PhotoGems: The Ultimate coffee table book with Snapfish

One of my goals for 2016 is to capture more of life through photos and to then find more creative ways to get them off my camera and phone and into the real world.  I’ve been sharing ideas like my insta-wall, printed canvases and photo gift tags so I was delighted when Snapfish challenged me to come up with a way to use their products to either … Continue reading PhotoGems: The Ultimate coffee table book with Snapfish

In Love with… Sweet Izzi

I met Suzi, the creative genius behind Sweet Izzi all the way back at the 2014 Handmade Awards – she had brought along a beautiful paper bouquet created and painted by hand and I was instantly struck by the artistic detail that ran through the whole design. I was only recently engaged at that point but that bouquet stuck with me, and months later I … Continue reading In Love with… Sweet Izzi

Birthdays, BBQs and Balloons!

It was my birthday last week (woop woop I love birthdays) and, because my birthday is exactly a week before my husband’s (aaah husband) birthday we tend to celebrate together.  We both love parties and bbq’s so I was crossing my fingers like mad hoping that it wouldn’t rain at the weekend.  Our back-up is always to squeeze everyone into our little flat, and although … Continue reading Birthdays, BBQs and Balloons!

gallery hang

Our wedding gifts

We have finally finally hung the array of beautiful artistic and handmade wedding gifts we received – hooray! If you’re a regular reader or indeed know me then you’ll  know how much I rate a handmade or personalised gift. I think they’re such a special way to show you care and have put real thought and time into what you’re giving someone. Don’t get me … Continue reading Our wedding gifts

Crafternoon Cabaret Club May Highlights

Here are some snapshots of our May event at The Hospital Club. We had a whole array of crafts on offer in our jewellery themed month including cocktail rings, cross stitch badges and beautiful tassel earrings and our cabaret line-up featured Musical Comedy Award finalists Bob and Jim, as well as His and Hers Wild Vaudeville.   Here are some of the highlights: Materials and … Continue reading Crafternoon Cabaret Club May Highlights

Crafternoon Cabaret Club’s First Birthday

We had so much fun last weekend celebrating the first birthday or Crafternoon Cabaret Club! A lovely crowd of crafters (what do you call a group of crafters? any ideas?) came and joined in the celebration and an amazing array of bold and bright bows and fascinators were created to the backdrop of operatic cabaret from Two Dumb Blondes and raucous rock/pop comedy from Pistol and … Continue reading Crafternoon Cabaret Club’s First Birthday

Crafternoon How-To: Mini Insta photo book!

Love Instagram? I do!  Is tagging facebook photos a basic need in your life? Sure!   But I’m terrible at getting round to actually getting my favourite snaps into my real life.  So, after spotting some gorgeous prints a friend of mine had from inkifi I thought ‘enough is enough!’: time to get crafty! I’m a huge fan of framed photo collages but for this I wanted … Continue reading Crafternoon How-To: Mini Insta photo book!

‘Twas a Glorious Village Fair

WOW WOW WOW What an amazingly exciting, intense and exhausting experience Village Fair at Southbank Centre has been this weekend!  Imagine a quintessential village fair with an urban twist: bake-offs, animals, helter skelters and craft stalls combine with bloggers, talks on the rise of the internet crafting phenomenon, Craftivism, upcycled jewellery and of course Crafternoon Cabaret Club! On saturday we were nestled up in the … Continue reading ‘Twas a Glorious Village Fair

Tea and cake a happy creative doth make

Food is at the centre of so many of our social interactions; home cooked roasts with friends, romantic meals out, quick coffee catch-ups, picnics and park games across the summer and bring-a-dish-if-you-wish gatherings.  ‘Would you like a cup of tea or a drink of anything’ is pretty much engrained into me if anyone ever visits my flat – I’d feel weird if I didn’t say it. … Continue reading Tea and cake a happy creative doth make