100 days of flat lay round up

I had intended to do a round up for this every ten days but I finished the challenge completely a few weeks back and had only done this twice… So.. Let’s stick to highlights, lowlights and a few thoughts from doing the challenge for a second time. For anyone who didn’t  read my original post which covered what the 100 day project actually is, you … Continue reading 100 days of flat lay round up

PhotoGEMS: Personalised Notebooks

We all need more notebooks right? One for thoughts, one for plans, one to look pretty on your desk, one to carry around to look efficient and so on.  I love buying a new notebook but I’m also very very particular about the styles I like.  This year I’ve been doing an embroidery project and I’ve been taking photos of each finished piece – so it … Continue reading PhotoGEMS: Personalised Notebooks

#the100dayproject round up: Day 10 – 20

I’m now over a quarter of the way through my 100 day project of making a beautiful flat lay every day for 100 days.  I’ve been really enjoying exploring other projects on instagram and seeing the really imaginative themes people have come up with, and I’m only just starting to feel a glimmer of anxiety about just how long 100 days really is… so it’s … Continue reading #the100dayproject round up: Day 10 – 20

The100DayProject Ten Days In 

Some of you might follow me on Instagram and have seen my posts for the 100 days project challenge. My theme for this year is 100 days of flat lay with a particular crafty focus. Other then completing the challenge (of course) I’m hoping that my theme will help me improve my photography and styling, as well as helping to develop my creative eye.  I’ve … Continue reading The100DayProject Ten Days In 

PhotoGEMS: Inspiration Wall

Clipboards – not just for the over organised, stationery lovers among us but also an amazing way to hang photos, prints and inspiration in your home.  In my quest to find new ways to use and display my photos I’ve been thinking about how you can keep home design fresh – particularly when living in a rented flat, or if your space is quite small.  I’ve been really … Continue reading PhotoGEMS: Inspiration Wall

heart shaped photo bunting

PhotoGems: Loved up photo bunting with Snapfish

Valentines is such a great time of year to give photo gifts – whether you capture important life moments, travel, even food that you’ve shared with your beaux you have so many opportunities to make a gift with a little more meaning. We don’t normally do valentines gifts – we tend to stay in, eat all the steak and drink all the red wine… So … Continue reading PhotoGems: Loved up photo bunting with Snapfish

PhotoGems: The Ultimate coffee table book with Snapfish

One of my goals for 2016 is to capture more of life through photos and to then find more creative ways to get them off my camera and phone and into the real world.  I’ve been sharing ideas like my insta-wall, printed canvases and photo gift tags so I was delighted when Snapfish challenged me to come up with a way to use their products to either … Continue reading PhotoGems: The Ultimate coffee table book with Snapfish

PhotoGEMS: Personalised gift tags and decorations!

I’m working with Polabora again today to bring you a sweet way to personalise your Christmas this year.  I spotted on Polabora that you can get awesome retro photo strips printed – the style you used to get from photobooths before they were all branded up for fancy events.  Immediately I thought these would make incredible gift tags for presents and cute decorations for the … Continue reading PhotoGEMS: Personalised gift tags and decorations!

PhotoGEMS: Say it with word art

Next in my photo display series we have an awesome take on the classic canvas print.  I’m sure you’ve all come across canvas prints before- it’s a lovely way to blow up a photo you adore to create a striking piece of artwork.  It works really well for more dramatic images such as landscapes from your travels or photos that have more of a photoshoot … Continue reading PhotoGEMS: Say it with word art

PhotoGEMS: Make your own Insta-wall

In this digital age so many photos we take simply end up on instagram or Facebook… or even worse just sit on our phones and laptops where no one can see them at all. But it’s time for this to change! I love having memories of friends and family, and amazing events around my house, but it’s not always easy in a tiny London flat. … Continue reading PhotoGEMS: Make your own Insta-wall