Books: Paper Parties with Berin Made

Summer is the ultimate party season for me.  From weddings, to festivals, to summery picnics and BBQs, to (ahem) my birthday there is so much to celebrate.  For someone who loves all things bright, beautiful, sometimes sparkly, and always eye-catching, throwing clever and cute handmade additions into any gathering is a bit of a dream.  So I was over the moon to be invited along to … Continue reading Books: Paper Parties with Berin Made

DIY: Geometric coasters just in time for Mothers Day

It’s almost mothers day -that annual opportunity celebrating how excellent mums are everywhere!  I’m a bit of flowers convert for mothers day (normally accompanied by a card that’s a pleasing mix of sweet and sarcastic!) but I do love a handmade gift.  This year Homebase, with the creative help of Jane from Tea & Crafting are leading the march for homemade momentos for mums everywhere with … Continue reading DIY: Geometric coasters just in time for Mothers Day

What’s in a card?

What’s in a card? They can make us smile, laugh, feel loved, remember someone, give us courage, and encourage us… I’m always so appreciative if someone gives me a card, whether it’s for a birthday or even just to cheer me up. I’m sure I’ve said before that I have a (completely unfulfilled) aspiration to make and give more handmade cards. It should be an … Continue reading What’s in a card?

DIY: Calligraphy Giftwrap

Less than a week less than a week less than a week to go! So hopefully by now you’ve bought all your gifts, located your Christmas jumper, christmassified your house, and wrapped your presents to an instagrammable level of beauty… No? No problem. Here’s an easy DIY to give your Giftwrap a little personality. I started playing around with hand lettering and calligraphy in the … Continue reading DIY: Calligraphy Giftwrap

Book Review: Collage Carnival

Lizzie Lees’ book Collage Carnival is a real gem of cool creativity. A book that calls you to cut, colour and paste to your hearts content is a dream for anyone who wants or needs some quick messy making in their life. Imagine a cross between the wreck this journal series and gloriously designed adult colouring books with your favourite childhood bumper sticker book and … Continue reading Book Review: Collage Carnival

Book Review: Paper Home

I have long admired the beautifully curated Instagram account of Esther Thorpe aka Origami Est. Her contemporary takes on the traditional artform of origami are a joy to behold and she always manages to inspire with her colour palettes and creative ideas. So it was with great excitement that I picked up Esther’s new book: Paper Home. I was expecting a range of modern and … Continue reading Book Review: Paper Home

PhotoGEMS: Personalised Notebooks

We all need more notebooks right? One for thoughts, one for plans, one to look pretty on your desk, one to carry around to look efficient and so on.  I love buying a new notebook but I’m also very very particular about the styles I like.  This year I’ve been doing an embroidery project and I’ve been taking photos of each finished piece – so it … Continue reading PhotoGEMS: Personalised Notebooks

There ain’t no party like a Viking Arty Party

I spent a gorgeous Saturday recently at the Viking Arty Party – it was a jam packed afternoon of craft, croissants and meeting lots of creative bloggers plus finally getting to meet some internet pals in actual real life as actual people. We were at Lumiere London which is an absolute hidden gem of an event space in Southwark and boasts 3 stunningly designed rooms: … Continue reading There ain’t no party like a Viking Arty Party

DIY: Easy Tassel Cards

I wish so much that I was one of those people that is just all over making handmade birthday, engagement, new baby, anniversary cards.  Truth is I’m never quite organised enough to do it… plus I have various packs of beautiful cards I’ve been given over the years that need using up (so my laziness is helping me sort – kapish?).  However there are certain people … Continue reading DIY: Easy Tassel Cards

DIY: Easter Egg garland

Need some last minute easter decor?  Look no further!  This simple garland will take you 20 minutes and give you instant eastery colour-pop joy! I have a bit of an obsession with Tiger Stores at the moment – particularly their pattern design.  Every few weeks a new range comes out with a beautiful new colour palette.  Recently they’ve had some seriously gorgeous geometric prints and … Continue reading DIY: Easter Egg garland

A little bit of love for my ladies

I’m a strong believer that every woman needs to be surrounded by an equally awesome, clever, talented, fiery, feisty pack of ladies – an Army of Huns if you will (coined by my delightful babe Katie).  They may be loud (check), they may be opinionated (check), they may even have the capacity to drink you under the table on a monday night and still get through … Continue reading A little bit of love for my ladies

heart shaped photo bunting

PhotoGems: Loved up photo bunting with Snapfish

Valentines is such a great time of year to give photo gifts – whether you capture important life moments, travel, even food that you’ve shared with your beaux you have so many opportunities to make a gift with a little more meaning. We don’t normally do valentines gifts – we tend to stay in, eat all the steak and drink all the red wine… So … Continue reading PhotoGems: Loved up photo bunting with Snapfish

Show those bookworms some love

This is a fun little make for a card to show some love to your favourite bookworm (although make sure you don’t cut up their favourite book to make this… they’ll never forgive you).  I’ve even included a sweet little bookmark to keep them thinking of you while they fall deep into another literary land. You Will Need Cardstock – white and red 1 tatty old … Continue reading Show those bookworms some love

Punch It Out: 3 ways with paper punches

I love collecting little paper punches – there are so many designs out there and they’re perfect  for adding a quick DIY twist that looks fun and professional. If you have these or have spotted these but you’re not sure what to use them for here are some ideas to get you started: Gift tags Use these stamps to add cut-out detail to your gift tags. It … Continue reading Punch It Out: 3 ways with paper punches

DIY: Easy fabric covered notebooks

I tend to have quite a lot of notebooks on the go at any one time.  I wish I could say it was because of brilliantly organised intentions where I organise the different parts of my life by having a notebook for each project, each job, but sadly it’s more because I’m so bad at leaving them lying around the losing them in the depths … Continue reading DIY: Easy fabric covered notebooks