DIY: Tie Dye Tea Towels

I love having colour and pattern all over my home. More more more is often my motto but as we slowly journey toward buying a place of our own I’ve started thinking about a cleaner more paired back design aesthetic. Which brings us to TIE DYE – or more specifically grown up tie dye. So grown up tie dye – what does that even mean? … Continue reading DIY: Tie Dye Tea Towels

DIY: Geometric coasters just in time for Mothers Day

It’s almost mothers day -that annual opportunity celebrating how excellent mums are everywhere!  I’m a bit of flowers convert for mothers day (normally accompanied by a card that’s a pleasing mix of sweet and sarcastic!) but I do love a handmade gift.  This year Homebase, with the creative help of Jane from Tea & Crafting are leading the march for homemade momentos for mums everywhere with … Continue reading DIY: Geometric coasters just in time for Mothers Day

DIY: Copper and wood side table

I have been itching to try my hands at making something using copper piping for months, and the Christmas break seemed the perfect time to tackle a more demanding project.  I always think winter is nesting season i.e. the perfect time to make some changes round the house, throw some clutter away and restyle your living space.  My go to for this is making new … Continue reading DIY: Copper and wood side table

DIY: Festive Felt Garland

My final make of the year is up on Minerva Crafts and handily it’s a no-sew last second Christmas garland! Made simply with fabric and felt, and linked together with some pretty lace ribbon from my stash, this is an easy make with lots of room to create your own design. Check out the full tutorial here and have a very Merry Christmas!!  Continue reading DIY: Festive Felt Garland

DIY Festive Orange garland

This year I’ve been really looking forward to making my flat really cosy and ready for Christmas and I’ve been finding lots of inspiration in more natural decor. I spotted a beautiful orange slice garland on Pinterest and, of course, had to make my own. This garland is really simple to create and the best bit is that your house will smell amazing while you’re … Continue reading DIY Festive Orange garland

PhotoGEMS: Personalised Notebooks

We all need more notebooks right? One for thoughts, one for plans, one to look pretty on your desk, one to carry around to look efficient and so on.  I love buying a new notebook but I’m also very very particular about the styles I like.  This year I’ve been doing an embroidery project and I’ve been taking photos of each finished piece – so it … Continue reading PhotoGEMS: Personalised Notebooks

There ain’t no party like a Viking Arty Party

I spent a gorgeous Saturday recently at the Viking Arty Party – it was a jam packed afternoon of craft, croissants and meeting lots of creative bloggers plus finally getting to meet some internet pals in actual real life as actual people. We were at Lumiere London which is an absolute hidden gem of an event space in Southwark and boasts 3 stunningly designed rooms: … Continue reading There ain’t no party like a Viking Arty Party

I dig these stripes: My finished crochet basket

I’ve finally finished my crochet basket!  Cool spiral stripes.  Contemporary black and grey palette. And my favourite chunky zpaghetti yarn.  J’adore! For this basket I followed a pattern from Molla Mills’ Modern Crochet.  I was debating adding handles (a skill I still very much need to perfect!) but in the end I opted for a wide band of black at the top that can also … Continue reading I dig these stripes: My finished crochet basket

A new embroidery project

At the start of this year I made some inspirational embroidered wall hangings.  I really loved the result – particularly that I could decorate my workspace the handmade way with a little message to keep me smiling.  I have a real fascination with embroidery – I follow tons of beautiful embroiderers on instagram (I should probably do a post sharing my favourites) and I love the … Continue reading A new embroidery project

PhotoGEMS: Inspiration Wall

Clipboards – not just for the over organised, stationery lovers among us but also an amazing way to hang photos, prints and inspiration in your home.  In my quest to find new ways to use and display my photos I’ve been thinking about how you can keep home design fresh – particularly when living in a rented flat, or if your space is quite small.  I’ve been really … Continue reading PhotoGEMS: Inspiration Wall

heart shaped photo bunting

PhotoGems: Loved up photo bunting with Snapfish

Valentines is such a great time of year to give photo gifts – whether you capture important life moments, travel, even food that you’ve shared with your beaux you have so many opportunities to make a gift with a little more meaning. We don’t normally do valentines gifts – we tend to stay in, eat all the steak and drink all the red wine… So … Continue reading PhotoGems: Loved up photo bunting with Snapfish

DIY: Cupcake Pincushions

I love cake, I love sewing and I drop pins everywhere.. so these cupcake pincushions may just be my ideal make!  I actually ran a Crafternoon Cabaret Club making these bad boys last year and I think they’re so cute and fun; they’re also a great craft for using up fabric offcuts which is high high high on my agenda this year. You Will Need White/light … Continue reading DIY: Cupcake Pincushions

DIY: Easy fabric covered notebooks

I tend to have quite a lot of notebooks on the go at any one time.  I wish I could say it was because of brilliantly organised intentions where I organise the different parts of my life by having a notebook for each project, each job, but sadly it’s more because I’m so bad at leaving them lying around the losing them in the depths … Continue reading DIY: Easy fabric covered notebooks

embroidered words be brave in hoop

Crafternoon How-To: New Year Inspirational Embroidery

It’s almost 2016 people which means I’m thinking a lot about what I’d like to make next year all about.  I love a good list so New Year Resolutions are right up my street, however I try wherever possible to create resolutions that will fill me with inspiration, as opposed to dragging me into a pit of despair; I learnt that lesson after trying to … Continue reading Crafternoon How-To: New Year Inspirational Embroidery

Star wreath on door

Festive Makes: Simple Star Wreath

After my final festive Crafternoon Cabaret Club I am finally feeling full of Christmas cheer – hooray!  Bring on the tinsel. let’s mull everything, more glitter please!  I think it was probably all the glorious wrapping paper that filled my weekend – and I have a blog coming out later this week all about creatvie giftwrap to feast your festive eyes upon. But first – … Continue reading Festive Makes: Simple Star Wreath