The Difference Between Cabaret and Burlesque

If you like exotic dancing, comedy, and variety shows, you probably know about cabaret and burlesque. However, you may not have known that these two terms are actually used for two different forms of art and entertainment. There is so much misinformation regarding their history and their true purpose, which is why most people associate them with something scandalous or pornographic. 

So, what’s the difference between cabaret and burlesque, and which performance will you like the most? Find out below! 

What Is Cabaret?

Back in the 16th century, cabarets took off as small entertainment venues in France. They were quite similar to pubs but different from the average village tavern. In fact, cabarets were a bit more upscale. They offered a mix of entertainment with dining or drinking. As time went by, those early cabarets became popular among artists. They turned into hotspots for the underground culture in France and

Here’s What Goes on at a Gentlemen’s Club

Did you know that there’s a difference between strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs? Actually, gentlemen’s clubs have a long history that many people have forgotten. Today, we’ll take you on a journey to explore gentlemen’s clubs, and we’ll explain what they’re really like. So here’s what goes on at a gentlemen’s club!

Traditional Gentlemen’s Club

Historically, gentlemen’s clubs were established back in the 1700s in Britain. They were made for upper-class males. While many of them were founded in England, the clubs extended all across the British Empire. That includes countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India. These clubs first blossomed in London’s West End, specifically in St James’s district. Their popularity soared by the end of the 1800s, with over 400 active clubs. Some of the most notable clubs included Boodle’s, Brooks’s, and White’s.

Traditionally, those establishments had an aristocratic atmosphere. They also provided some illegal gambling games. That’s why

Why Watching an Online Strip Show Is the New Normal

Have you ever thought about what’s happening to the adult entertainment industry during COVID-19? Nowadays, even online dating is considered risky as a consequence of the pandemic, so you probably know that visiting a crowded strip club is not safe. However, what are the alternatives? We’ll explain why watching an online strip show is the new normal!

Pandemic Hits

By now, you’re likely aware that most major industries and businesses have closed down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. One field that became the most vulnerable is sex work. That includes strip clubs, red-light districts, and more.

Currently, many strip clubs in major cities like Las Vegas and others are closed because there is simply no way of keeping them open. Of course, this is due to social distancing measures and the fact that the clubs are considered nonessential businesses. What’s more, physical contact is a big risk during

Is There a Connection Between Organized Crime and Places Like Cabarets?

Gangsters, gangs, and organized crime have a long history dating back before Hollywood and somehow tied to glamour. However, what also has a long history (some may argue, an even longer one) is the cabaret. And we do not mean THE Cabaret, the musical inspired by Christopher Isherwood’s novel “Goodbye to Berlin.”

There seems to be a connection between organized crime and cabarets. It has been hinted that many criminals used to set up shop in such places and use it as a front. But why would criminal organizations want to use such a place crowded with people as a cover? And why have so many entertainment media (televisions and films) depicted cabarets, clubs, and similar as being run by gangsters? Well, let’s find out.

Life in the Movies

Many movies want to depict real life as best as they can in an entertaining way. This could be the reason …

Professional Dancers Are Switching to Stripping, and We Can’t Blame Them

Even though professional dancing is a respected profession, male and female performers are struggling to make ends meet due to the low demand for their skills.

Ballet, hip-hop, and other forms of professional dancing are not consistent enough to provide a steady income stream. Also, they require years of experience and dedication. For many pro dancers, all of that hard work can go to waste if they choose a 9–5 job. Fortunately, many dancers have changed the direction of their dancing careers. They have found a new beginning in another profession. Professional dancers are switching to stripping, and we can’t blame them!

So how is stripping different from other forms of professional dance? How can it pay off to switch from ballet to stripping? Today, we’ll show you why some professional dancers switch to stripping, and we’ll also outline some of the benefits of being a pro pole dancer.


What Is It Like to Watch a Sex Show?

When it comes to sex tourism, live adult shows are some of the most-talked-about topics. They offer a unique and kinky type of entertainment that you definitely won’t be able to find elsewhere! So what is it like to watch a sex show? Let’s find out!

What Are Live Sex Shows?

Firstly, you can find live sex shows in most of the world’s red-light districts. Aside from the legendary red-light district in Amsterdam, other notorious streets with sex-oriented businesses are found in Belgium, Japan, Germany, France, Thailand, Singapore, etc. Some cities with the most famous districts are Tokyo, Phuket, Paris, Antwerp, Prague, Tijuana, Rio De Janeiro, and others. Live sex performances, cabaret shows, and even prostitution can take place in those districts.

For the most part, those districts are located in countries where prostitution is legal. Yet, you can still find places with illegal sex shows or prostitution. For example,

Let’s Do the Can-Can! Get to Know the Different Cabaret Dance Moves

If you are looking for a new dance workout or want to passionately tease someone with your seductive dance moves, why not do the can-can? Get to know the different cabaret dance moves in our article and learn about the history and future of burlesque dancing!

When Did It All Start?

Cabarets have a rich and raunchy history. It all goes back to 15th-century France. Back then, people served wine and food on cloth-covered tables. However, modern cabarets originated in the 1880s. They were born in the bohemian neighborhood of Montmartre, Paris. Le Chat Noir was the first cabaret of its kind. There, artists, students, models, journalists, high-rollers, and prostitutes all met to seek out exotic experiences.

In those days, French cabarets influenced the emergence of many similar venues in Europe and America. They were full of music, entertainment, but also satire, political commentary, and exotic dancing. See top Cabarets

Why Drag Will Always Be Connected to Cabaret Shows

You have probably heard about drag queens and shows focusing on this community. But have you ever wondered about drag culture influence in cabaret? How did it all start? Here, we will go through a brief history of this movement, and what made it so important for everyone.

How Drag May Have Started In Cabarets

Cabaret is a form of theatrical entertainment, but it usually has a more adult focus and audience. It also differs from country to country, and it is often a part of the underground movement. So how does drag fit in all of this? In the sixteenth century, women weren’t allowed to be on stage. There were no actresses at all, and men had to perform both male and female roles.

Similarly, in the Victorian era, English actresses often played men. Some would say that these are early examples of drag even before it became a …

The Performances You Can See in a Cabaret

Have you seen the Tony Award-winning 1966 musical “Cabaret,” and would like to visit the Kit Kat Klub from that show? Well, you can! But what type of performances should you expect to see? How can you know if you would even enjoy them in real life? Is there too much “sex” in the shows? Is there only singing? There are so many questions when it comes to these types of art venues, but luckily, we have the answers.

Let’s Have a Good Time

A cabaret could be described as a relaxing, casual theater in a bar. It is often a place where the audience sits around small tables and are allowed to have drinks, chat, and even eat during the performances. This is the bar aspect of a cabaret. You would not do such things during a live theater performance unless you were riddled with disrespect. The theater aspect …

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