How to decide what type of butt plug is the best for you

How to choose your plug, a question I often get asked in a private message. I will explain the difference between an anal plug and a rosebud, the different shapes and materials. But you also need to know how you are going to use it.

Anal Plug Or Rosebud?

Comparative Rosebuds

As I wrote at the start, you have to know the difference between an anal plug and a rosebud. An anal plug is a sextoy intended for the preparation of sodomy by dilating the anus gradually. It is generally conical in shape, and is available in several different sizes and materials.

A rosebud or anal jewel, adorns the anus with a jewel, tail or other accessory to enhance it while stimulating it. Like the plug, the rosebud is available in different sizes and materials. Its finer shape at the level of the anus with a wide base allows it …

The best types of vibrators available in the market

Are you on the lookout of a great vibrator? You must have heard about the amazing toy from your bestie and now you wish to check it yourself too. However, the world of vibrator is really versatile. From good-old hand-held options to modern day tiny remote-controlled vibrators- there are ample models to choose from. And, for a newbie, it could be slightly confusing to find the right one from so many choices. But, nothing to worry- the post below offers a grand list of some of the best vibrator toys you may go for this time.

Mimi Soft by Je Joue

Fantastic for both couple and solo play, Mimi is one of the best whisper-quiet vibrators you will come across today. It’s a tiny palm-sized toy which is handy to hold and play with. The best part is users here will get a wide range of speeds and vibrating patterns …

A Brief History Of Paris’s Dazzling Cabaret

Cabaret – a frivolous form of entertainment involving various musical, dance, and theatre acts being performed to an audience whilst they drink and dine – is a significant aspect of Parisian culture, which has helped to define the city’s very character. The cabaret clubs in the French capital – the Crazy Horse and Moulin Rouge, for example – are nothing short of legendary and have inspired various international artists, film-makers, and writers over the years.

It all started in November 1881, when Rodolphe Salis created what was initially called Le Cabaret Artistique, in Paris’s Montmartre district – the city’s bohemian center. It began as a sort of creative hub, where various musicians, dancers – even poets and writers, gathered to socialise, discuss their ideas and trial their pieces over a few drinks. Salis himself acted as the host and would introduce the numerous artists who gathered at his venue, …

Here’s Where to See Cabaret in Los Angeles

The word “cabaret” brings with it tons of evocations, many of which are false. All that cabaret means, really, is a combination of song and storytelling; an artist able to perform as their authentic self. And as an audience member, there is usually booze involved. What could be better than that? Los Angeles, of course, has dozens of cabaret venues throughout the city at which top-tier talent from around the world will drop in for performances. Here are some of the best.

Catalina Jazz Club

Where: Hollywood
What: With a slogan like “Nothing but the best in jazz,” Catalina has a lot to live up to. Luckily for patrons and performers alike, it meets expectations. Countless jazz stalwarts have graced its stage including Joe Williams, Marcus Miller, and Dizzie Gillespie. However, Catalina has also welcomed performers from outside the strictly jazz realm as well, including talents from musical theater like …

Come to the Cabaret: A darker diversion

Cabaret. What does the word mean to you? Perhaps it’s Liza Minnelli in a bowler hat and suspenders. Or can-can dancers in fin-de-siècle Paris. Or a crooner in a 1950s’ New York supper club.

Perhaps it means a scene that’s preserved in aspic, a historic curiosity, a dead art form. Well, if so, it’s time to reconsider.

A cabaret revival has been throbbing in London for several years now. From the scruffy environs of the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club to the opulence of the Café de Paris near Piccadilly Circus, sizeable crowds gather most nights of the week somewhere in the capital to take in a variety show. And now the performance art has been included as a separate category on this month’s Edinburgh Fringe programme for the first time. Cabaret is no dusty tin of preserved fruit – it’s fresh, ripe and bursting with flavour.

So what is …