A present to myself for my 30th birthday

This is quite a strange post to write but it’s been brewing away for some time.  I’m going to be closing the chapter on Crafternoon Cabaret Club and taking a long, or even permanent pause on the events and on blogging.  This has been a big decision for me, as I built this little company up from nothing and I’m so proud of what I’ve managed to achieve in the last few years.  But times are changing, and I’ve always said that unless a project is giving you life, energy and inspiration, it might not be the right thing to be focusing on at that time.

Lots of different life events have contributed to this: I changed jobs to a role that I’ve been working my way towards for years which has meant more responsibility, a complete change to my working week and generally less time and less headspace for blogging, I’m about to turn 30 which meant the inevitable inspection of my life (I’m very anti that idea by the way – 30 is just another glorious year on the path to taking over the world, but it’s hard to avoid how more significant birthdays make you sit up and look around).  I’m actually very happy with my lot but it did make me realise that I’ve always been someone who has worked well beyond full time hours: from when I was freelance and worked every job simply to make ends meet, to moving into full time work but continuing to keep some freelance roles going, to then launching and running Crafternoon Cabaret Club whilst working full time, and most recently starting to produce theatre shows on top.  It’s been exciting, inspiring, a huge learning curve and very very busy, and I quite fancy spending my 30th year just doing my job (and maybe a little producing on the side ahem..), seeing friends, travelling and having more time for my own stuff like running, cooking, and drinking nice wine.

It’s been wonderful, I’ve learnt so much, met so many inspiring people, and tried, failed and mastered (hopefully?) a ton of new crafts which I hope to carry on with.  But instead of planning my weekends hour by our to make sure I have time to make, photograph and write up every new make, and instead of trying to ensure I capture every new idea on film, I can just chill out with a wine, and worry so so much less when things don’t quite work out right.

If, after a year, I really miss all this then I might set this record spinning again, or I might start another new project completely (I do love a new project).  But either way – thank you for reading, thank you for coming along to events, saying hi and making with me, thank you for sticking with me for these years, leaving comments, sharing my work, and generally being excellent supportive people.

Hannah x



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