Making lately: Tees, Trips and Trainers

I don’t really understand where the last month has gone.  I’ve been so busy with work, and life, and hens, and birthdays, and a glorious trip to Florence (bragging) that I was again caught off guard with the deadline for my latest make for Minerva Crafts.  Why do I do this to myself???  This month I continued my tops theme with a simple V-neck top in this gorgeous geometric print.  Really embarrassingly I have actually bought this fabric before and used it to create cushion covers and also one of my earliest makes – cameo wall hangings… so yes.. I now match some of my home décor… oops

001 (2)

Check out the full tutorial over on Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

Every month I change my mind about what to sew for those blog posts (I alwasy have to ask for a wishlist of materials in advance and then I always end up mixing and matching m way through it) byut I think I’m getting into the swing of making clothes regularly.  I’ve got some really gorgeous fabrics waiting to be used including a really soft jersey that I’m going to create a new version of my Rock Lobster Dress with, and a cute blue feather design that’s screaming out to be made into a sundress.  I also have my very first Tilly and the Buttons pattern to try so I can’t wait to carve out some time for that.

I’ve also been madly busy training for the Hackney Half Marathon, which is on April 30th.  While writing this my longest run has been 16.5km and I’m aiming to do at least 18km before the actual race (which is 21km long).  It’s so far and fitting in long training runs takes so much time.  My aim was to run home once a week (about 8.5km) and then to do one longer run each week, increasing the distance by a km each time.  That has sort of worked and I’m not feeling as panicked as I was a few weeks back.  I’m running in a little team of people raising money for Shelter from the Storm -London’s only free homeless shelter.  Check out our fundraising page here.

As I said in the last month I haven’t had much time at home – I was in Castle Cary for a hen weekend (which included some excellent hen-sash crafting in between the tequilas), in Bath for a friends 30th and spent a really beautiful weekend in Florence.  I’m aiming to try and have a bit more time to relax this month, and to spend a bit less, as we’re just about to start out on the journey of trying to buy a house… in London… oh the hilarity…

And now… running…

Hannah x




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