On top of the world in Viscose

I’ve just ticked a bunch of new skills off my list and I’m feeling pretty darn smug about the whole thing.  It all began with my latest make for Minerva Crafts – as I always I spend most of the month umming and ahhing about what to make and then I make a bunch of snap decisions and spend an afternoon sewing at top speed to get it finished in time.  This month I decided to sew a Simplicity 1280 drapey top… partly because I’ve never actually sewn a top from a pattern – it’s all been dresses and skirts up to this point, and (mainly?) because I thought it would take a lot less time than making another dress.  And I was right… up to a point.. except for the fact that suddenly I had to deal with my new favourite things:

  • super skinny narrow hems
  • neckline binding
  • sleeves
  • elastic

OK the last one doesn’t really count as I just needed to feed elastic into the cuffs and base but still…. these are all skills I don’t practice very often.

The gorgeous black and white viscose I used for this project was a dream to work with: really stable and smooth to sew, but with enough drape to make the fitting a chilled affair.  The top was meant to have quite a prominent keyhole at the front but you can’t win them all!

Read about the full experience (and find links to the fabric) over on the Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network.

and here’s a lovely pic of me wearing my top utterly blinded by the sun – HELLO SPRING, NICE TO SEE YOU AT LAST!

IMG_3129 (3).JPG


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