DIY: Geometric coasters just in time for Mothers Day

It’s almost mothers day -that annual opportunity celebrating how excellent mums are everywhere!  I’m a bit of flowers convert for mothers day (normally accompanied by a card that’s a pleasing mix of sweet and sarcastic!) but I do love a handmade gift.  This year Homebase, with the creative help of Jane from Tea & Crafting are leading the march for homemade momentos for mums everywhere with some brilliant ideas like personalised coasters.

001 (2)

The materials are really easy to get hold of in your local Homebase (and very affordable) – all you need are plain white matt tiles, paint, decorative paper (or drawings if you’re making with your kids) and PVA glue.  That’s it.  The designs are created with collage which leaves loads of room for creativity and making your designs unique. So there’s no excuse to not give this one a try.  For my take on this make I went with bright geometric shapes cut from some pretty decorative papers from Tiger!

005 (2)

Step 1: Paint your coasters with your base colour and leave to dry

Step 2: Cut out geometric shapes from your decorative paper and have a play with design

Step 3: Glue your decorative paper pieces into place (try saying that quickly!) and leave to dry

007 (2)

Step 4: Paint a thin layer of PVA over your whole coaster and leave to dry completely over a few hours.  I actually did this twice – the PVA creates a varnish effect and protects your paper designs from the inevitable tea spill 🙂

013 (2)

Step 5: Glue felt circles onto the bottom on your coaster at each corner

Step 6: Wrap up beautifully and give to your mum!!

033 (2)

You can check out Jane’s full video tutorials over on the Homebase website, which also include lots of other personalised ideas and a great how-to for a macramé plant hanger.

I was sent my materials for this project by Homebase.   All thoughts and opinions are my own and as always if I didn’t blooming love the idea I wouldn’t blog about it.



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