What’s in a card?

What’s in a card? They can make us smile, laugh, feel loved, remember someone, give us courage, and encourage us… I’m always so appreciative if someone gives me a card, whether it’s for a birthday or even just to cheer me up. I’m sure I’ve said before that I have a (completely unfulfilled) aspiration to make and give more handmade cards. It should be an easy ask really – they can be so quick and really fun to create, and of course you get that lovely buzz of gratification giving a handmade card to someone you love.  So what’s stopping me? (laziness…being badly organised… forgetting… ummmm)

Part of the challenge for me is where to start? Hand lettering, Lino print, collage, embroidery, are some of the many many techniques you could use to create your own cards… And the design options are vast! Zero-ing in on what to actually create can be tricky.  Luckily help is on the way – enter House of Cards by Sarah Hamilton.

DSCN6014 (2)

House of Cards is a celebration of card making and giving, offering a gorgeous mix of tutorials and greeting card trivia (heads up to my family for next years Christmas quiz haha).  Sarah Hamilton is a London based artist who you may know from the Just A Card campaign which encouraged everyone to support independent artists and organisations with tiny purchases – like buying a card from a local gallery.

DSCN6017 (2)

House of Cards takes you on an inspiring tour through 10 artists’ practice with a glimpse into the approach, techniques and inspirations behind each artists work. I love this personal approach and it makes the book a hugely enjoyable read as well as a goldmine of creative card tutorials. The photography is also beautiful – and who doesn’t love getting a cheeky glimpse into an artists studio? I know I do, and I really enjoyed getting to know the people behind the practice.

The techniques covered range from lino print to collage to using found objects and more. I couldn’t wait to get started so I dove straight in and made a version of Sarah Morpeth’s 3D papercut. I’m pretty comfortable with papercut but the instructions were easily clear enough for a beginner to follow. I went for letters rather than the deer scene in the book and also chose to back my design with decorative paper but I love the 3D shape and the construction was really clean and clever.

DSCN6051 (2)

A gorgeous book indeed for all the card lovers and makers out there. Let’s hope my card giving aspirations can finally be fulfilled!

House of Cards is published by Pavilion Books.  It’s now available to buy for £14.99.  I was sent my copy of House of Cards for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and as always if I didn’t blooming love it I wouldn’t blog about it.





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