Books: Tie & Dye by Lizzie King

I am slowly getting my maker mojo back in shape but something that has always given me a boost of inspiration, and made my bookshelves look so on point is a new craft book.  I love seeing the imagination and ingenuity of other creatives and my hope is always that I will be left desperate to try some of the projects and full of ideas to use in my own.  Tie & Dye is, as you would expect, an homage to the glorious art of tie dye: a technique that I spent a lot of time dedicated to as a kid where we spent whole weekends dying tshirts and shorts, trying to achieve the perfect blend of rainbow and pattern (a calm and controlled dress sense I had not).


Lizzie King is a maker and artist passionate about DIY and discovering new skills.  Her aesthetic is bright, bold and playful so you can absolutely see how tie dye has become one of her go-to techniques.  The projects in Tie&Dye also reflect this awesomely fun outlook – with carnival socks, colourful cushions and watermelon bunting.  For those of us after a more subtle look Lizzie has included some gorgeous shibori (a more form of tie-dye from Japan) tutorials including tea-towels and bedding.


Each tutorial includes the materials you need and a really clear break down of how to achieve different tie-dye effects.  I’d only ever rolled up tshirts and tied elastic bands round them (which gives you the sun-burst style circles), but I loved discovering how to achieve fish-scale, swirl and geometric pattern effects.


Ultimately once you have the basics of tie-dye down then the world is your very own colourful, streaky oyster and this is a fantastic intro to get you started.  In Lizzie’s own words Get Rich or Tye Dying – you can expect to see some tie-dye projects from me in the future!  

*I was sent my copy of Tie & Dye for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and as always if I didn’t blooming love it I wouldn’t blog about it.


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