My New Rock Lobster dress

It only took 6 weeks but finally my new dress is complete and I’ve blogged about it over on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.  The fabric is a casual crab and lobster print and I am really really pleased with it.  Because I had so little weekend time available to sew I made this across a few sittings on various evenings and the odd sunday and I think it’s fair to say that having some time away, and not attempting to sew the whole thing in one go has meant my final dress is much more polished – hooray, extra sewing points for me!




Finishing this dress has also given me a much needed boost, and I’ve already sent off my wish list for my next Minerva makes in the hope I can keep some making momentum going.  I’d really like to be back in a place where I have a list of stuff I want to try creating and can dip in and out as and when I have time.  Since reading Lizzie King’s Tie & Dye making shibori tea-towels is high on my list, and I’d really like to try sewing a top from scratch (which means dealing with sleeves… no).  I also haven’t picked up my calligraphy pens for an age and I have a lino print kit just staring at me from my desk… craft guilt is currently high…

But I haven’t just been lounging about (I promise).  Life has been busy with some really fun and some really challenging things.  I’m training for a half marathon in April (currently the furthest I’ve run is 10k so yikes).  I’ve also been watching a ton of theatre, working loads on some brilliantly exciting projects, and I’m off to Florence in a month so I’ve been spending more time than I should googling exciting things to do, see and eat there (if you have tips send them my way!).

So onwards and upwards – and do check out the full post for my rock lobster dress over on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

Hannah x


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