Drifting: Where did the time go?

We’re halfway through January – half way.  These last few weeks have passed in the blink of an eye: back to work, back to the gym, back to making and blogging? not so much.  To be honest I’ve been so busy at work, and trying to kickstart a new fitness routine (I’m doing the Kaylas Itsines workout guide – it’s pretty hardcore) that the time I’ve had at home has mainly been spent hiding from the cold and the rain and trying to recover from the shock of having to be proactive with my time again.

Sometimes it’s quite hard to deal with a slump like this – feeling like you’re lacking in inspiration, or time, to put into blogging or creative projects.  Hitting a slump in January by no means makes this any easier as this month has such a focus on starting projects, goals and everything else.  My twitter and Instagram are literally full to the brim of bloggers who have set exciting new blogging goals, have relaunched for the new year, and brought a ton of amazing energy to their blogging game.  I’m impressed and inspired by all this ‘go get em’ attitude… It just hasn’t quite rubbed off on me yet.

Don’t get me wrong – there are projects I could be working on.  Right now in fact I should be cutting out a dress pattern, cutting up some more copper piping, and doing some blue sky thinking about future projects.  But currently.. I’m just not feeling that up to it.

On the upside I’ve had a fantastic first two weeks back at work: the first project of the year went brilliantly, I’ve got some awesome collaborations coming up and I’m really excited about the next few months.  I have also nailed the first two weeks of workout goals including running home twice (8.5km each time – no biggie… I lie… I’m so proud!), and I can almost do a full press up (for me this is a huge deal).   I’ve also been busy doing some associate producer work with Bruised Sky Productions on their new shows: Worlds at Vault Festival and Villain at the Kings Head Theatre (do check both shows out – they’re fantastic pieces of new writing).

So I suppose this blog is really to say that while I’m drifting a bit on the blogging front, I’m also moving forward on lots of other exciting things.  I’ve got bad bloggers guilt (we’ve all suffered from that before though right?) and the bad habit of overloading myself and then feeling terrible that I can’t be in three places at once… but ultimately, sometimes, we just need to chill out, celebrate our successes, give ourselves some space, and watch 3 back to back episodes of The Good Wife instead.

Hannah x



One thought on “Drifting: Where did the time go?

  1. I’ve been feeling so exhausted this January. There’s loads of stuff I really want to make and draw and paint but I’m just falling asleep after work instead. I blame the darkness drawing in at 4pm. Succeeding in not getting stressed about it will do for now 🙂

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