17 goals for 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Normally I use this post to go through my big old list of new year resolutions, as well as checking off my list from last year (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, realising just how many I didn’t quite manage, how many dropped by the wayside in January and how many were really just pipedreams that were never going to happen!).

The idea of new year resolutions has always appealed to me from a ‘giving me a kick into doing something’ perspective. I like a deadline, I like to have something to drive me. But so often I give in to the temptation to choose resolutions that are near impossible to complete or even measure (lose all the weight, stop eating all the food, get all the sleep – you get the picture).  Those resolutions then become a little list of failures – and that just isn’t good for anyone.

I was listening to The Bad Feminists podcast recently , it came out ages ago and I’m way behind but I LOVE it, and handily I reached their episode on new year resolutions last week.  Naomi and Amy debated the need for resolutions in the traditional sense but both talked a bit about having wider year goals that were a mix of aspirational and inevitable. What I found really interesting was the idea of approaching your resolutions like you’d approach a work appraisal. In work appraisals you always set some achievable goals – including some really easy wins so that there are baby steps in place for you to be moving forward and making progress.  You’d never set a list of objectives that are more likely to fail than succeed, so why do this in life?

inspirational quotes embroidery in hoops

So this year I’m creating 17 goals for 2017… And some are really easy, some are challenging and some are just really fun! 2016 had a lot of crappy moments (and yes yes some wonderful moments too -but I’m still stinging from Bowie, Brexit and Trump) so I’m hoping to breath some positivity into my 2017 from the very start.

My goals:

1. Travel to 3 new places

2. Run 10k

3. Learn to make a really good curry

4. Read Bad Feminist (Roxane Gay)

5. Improve my yoga

6. Train for and run the Hackney half marathon

7. Swim in the sea

8. Eat in 5 new restaurants

9. Meditate (I was really enjoying the stop, breath, think app but then it dropped off my radar so I want that lovely zen feeling back)

10. Start the process of buying a house (this is the big 2017 goal)

11. Declutter my clothes/shoes/books/craft collection

12. Watch more theatre – particularly new writing

13. Sew a top to wear

14. Make music -I have a uke and an electric piano that I haven’t touched for months.  I would just like to sometimes use them sometimes in 2017

15. Buy and drink nice gin!

16. Read. This is a given because of the awesome book group I’m part of, but I’d like to swap out TV for reading more.  12 books across 12 months seems doable…

17. Explore London more!

I hope you all have wonderful starts to your 2017! Now I’m off for a walk on the Heath πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “17 goals for 2017

  1. What a wonderful list of goals! And how wonderful that you’re starting your new year with a walk out on the Heath. Sounds like maybe you can cross 17 off the list already? πŸ™‚ Happy new year to you.

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