DIY: Calligraphy Giftwrap

Less than a week less than a week less than a week to go! So hopefully by now you’ve bought all your gifts, located your Christmas jumper, christmassified your house, and wrapped your presents to an instagrammable level of beauty… No? No problem. Here’s an easy DIY to give your Giftwrap a little personality.

I started playing around with hand lettering and calligraphy in the lead up to my wedding. I was trying to DIY everything I could and I figured hand drawn table names would be a nice touch (spoiler – it was!). It was quite daunting and I started by looking on Pinterest and copying different designs to see what I liked and also what felt most natural (I didn’t leave myself huge amounts of time so I needed to learn quickly).  Since then I’ve picked it back up here and there – particularly as a quick win in a 100 Day challenge.

Then back in the summer Viking invited me to an awesome arty party and I got my second calligraphy tutorial from the very talented Á L’aise Stationery (check out their beautiful beautiful designs here), this time with a dip pen. With a dip pen you’re dragging the ink across the page, with the lettering become wider or thinner depending on the angle. It felt so fluid and freeing and I really loved experimenting with the shapes and designs I could create.

So onto Giftwrap! There are some beautifully creative ways to use calligraphy or hand lettering to make your giftwrap a little more personal.

Start with some plain coloured wrapping paper that is matt instead of shiny, otherwise the ink won’t dry. Brown paper works a treat and looks amazing paired with twine and green foliage- and I was lucky to still have some of this pink paper from Tiger Stores from last year (hoarder? Me? Never!).

You can make your marks before or after wrapping your gift. Choose festive phrases or a message to your giftee and write onto the paper. If you’ve gone for phrases you could also repeat them to create a loose pattern effect.

Another option is to spruce up your gift tags with a little hand lettering on one side. Buy or make plain tags and then add your designs.

Dip pens are not going to be everyone’s cup of tea so you can also buy calligraphy pens of different widths which which create the same effect as long as you hold them vertically while you write. 

How are you wrapping your gifts this year?


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