Christmas Jumper Hacks with John Lewis

Who doesn’t love a Christmas jumper? Whether it’s silly, stylish, scandi or sparkly John Lewis have got the jumper for you (just look at them here). Recently they invited me to a festive night of fun where we not only got our very own Christmas jumper from their collection to take home but also had the chance to craftily customise our choices – just in time for Christmas Jumper Day this Friday!

Led by the super Zoe Bateman from Ladybird Likes we were given buttons, beads, felt and trimming to add to our jumpers to give them a unique twist.  There are so many ways to customise clothing and the joy of it is that if sewing isn’t your bag then some decent fabric glue will do the job.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Add buttons and beads. Focus on the existing design of your jumper and glue or sew buttons/beads onto the design to add texture and detail.

All the trimmings. Pick up some ribbon or sparkly trim and glue around the bottom of your jumper. You could also add to the cuffs or neckline.

What’s your type? Cut letters out of felt to spell out a phrase or word and glue into place.

OTT. Go big or go home. Make pompoms from wool, or cut up some pompom trim and stick those poms all over!

There are tons of ideas of Pinterest too:

For my foxy jumper I went with simple felt lettering – what do you think?

Happy jumper crafting!

This post was created for the John Lewis.  I received the materials and jumper for free but that foxy design is all my own


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