DIY Festive Orange garland

This year I’ve been really looking forward to making my flat really cosy and ready for Christmas and I’ve been finding lots of inspiration in more natural decor. I spotted a beautiful orange slice garland on Pinterest and, of course, had to make my own. This garland is really simple to create and the best bit is that your house will smell amazing while you’re baking the oranges – win win! I’m also thinking about making some arancello this year – vodka flavoured with delicious oranges and spices so it seems I have a theme developing!

To make your own orange slice garland you will need large oranges, a knife and chopping board, some kitchen roll and a needle and thread.

1. Slice your oranges into even pieces. If you slice horizontally across your orange (so where the stalk would be is at the top) you’ll get the lovely designs I have below.


2. Blot your slices with kitchen towel to remove the excess juice and lay them out on a baking tray. If you have baking paper line the tray with this first.


3. Bake your slices, turning occasionally on a low-medium heat (I did mine at about 150 degrees) for 2 hours, or until they’re dry and full of colour but not burnt.

4. Cut a long length of thread and sew your slices onto it, leaving a long tail at either end.  With this I would make sure your sewing passes through the orange skin as it’s a lot stronger, otherwise your garlands might fall down with wear and tear.


You can hang your garland up by tying the tails of thread into place… so now I just need to decide where to hang mine…

Update: I’ve found a home for my garland in the kitchen – hanging above this awesome case we found and filled with baubles #christmashack 


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