DIY: Fit and Flare dress

My latest make is up on Minerva Crafts… and this one was a right old drama!  After following the pattern initially I finished the dress and it was laughably huge (I promise I measured it properly).  I increased the seams once, twice, three times (lesson learned – if your dress is laughably huge be bold when taking it in so you don’t have to do it three times), but quite frankly it looked like I was wearing a highly decorative fabric bag.

For my body shape I need a nipped in waist, I need fit and flare, I need shape and it just doesn’t work to use a belt to hug a dress in around me.  So – my error for not choosing a pattern more suited to me and instead going for an easy make!  However I was not to be beaten, and by this point I really didn’t have anything to lose and I had a deadline to meet – great inspiration.  I decided to try reshaping the dress completely -adding in a clear waist with darts… something I’ve never tried to do before…


Using chalk, a few pins, and a level of boldness supported mainly by a glass of wine and the thought of a roast I was going to make later in the day I plunged in.  And somehow it worked.  I went from making a dress that I thought would go straight into a scraps pile once I’d finished it so a dress I can really wear – hooray!!


You can see my full post up on Minerva Crafts here!


This post was created for the Minerva Crafts Blogging Network.  I received the materials for free but design and ideas are my own


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