Making Lately: Fittings and Festivities

I still view myself as a fairly new sewist – particularly when it comes to making clothes. Although I’ve got a secret (not any more mate!) aspiration to be able to take part in Me Made May I’ve got a long way to go before I can quickly and successfully whip up a new garment. I also have a bit of an issue with finishing a make and then not exactly loving the final fit… And then not being able to wear it… Does anyone else get that? I’m longing for the days when my sewing skills are at a point where tweaking and fitting a finished dress or skirt doesn’t fill me with dread.  Having said that I had an actual breakthrough this weekend with my most recent make for Minerva Crafts.  I’ll be sharing the full story next week but I can leave you with this new mantra – darts are the bomb.  Take from that what you will.

Here’s a sneak peek of the gorgeous fabric I used….

I’ve also been starting to get excited about… CHRIIIIISTMAAAAAS!!  I’m going to be in London for the whole Christmas period for the first time ever spending lots of time with my husband and my in-laws, which also means we’ll have more time in our flat (aka The Grotto).  We do normally add a little Christmas cheer about the house but actually being home for the whole Christmas period has given me the perfect excuse to give the place a festive makeover!  I’m planning to make dried orange garlands, handmade stockings, scandi snacks, and of course lots of warming Christmas cocktails so watch this space for some festive how-to’s.  I’m also really looking forward to using some of the skills I learnt at my Tablescaping night with Ikea all the way back in July.

I’ve got an ever-growing collection of crafty Christmas tutorials which you can check out here: from decorations and wreaths, to a whole heap of gift-wrap ideas I’m sure you’ll find something to get your sleigh-bells jingling!

presents wrapped with gift bows

2 simple wool based wreaths


One thought on “Making Lately: Fittings and Festivities

  1. Oh god yes, it’s so sad to sew away for hours thinking I’m doing well and then it’s just a bit… weird… It feels odd or just looks not quite right. I have sewn probably two things that fit perfectly and everyone is jealous of. The first was under the strict and watchful eye of a professional seamstress and the second was stretchy. Stretchy all the from now on I think 🙂

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