Pumpkin 101: Walking into Spiderwebs

There’s just one week left until Halloween – plenty of time to transform your home into a gothic dream!  This glamorous pumpkin hack was inspired by the Sharpie Mugs trend and was a great excuse to finally use the silver paint pens that were tucked up in my Viking Arty Party goodie bag.  All your need is acrylic paint for your base colour (you could also use chalkboard paint) and a metallic paint pen.

Paint your pumpkins and leave to dry.  You might want to add another layer for a nice smooth base – on my black pumpkin I like the effect of the flecks of orange coming through so I decided to leave them in.

Now draw your designs on with your paint pen – my inspiration was spiderwebs but you could also write words, add polkadots or graphic scribbles… let your imagination go wild.  Leave your pen to dry and you have a ready made table/window centrepiece!




Also how great are these pompom pumpkins!  They’re made using the Honeycomb pompom method with orange tissue paper – I worked with Paperchase earlier this year to create some honeycomb pompom tutorials so you can see how to make your own here



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