Pumpkin 101: The Glitterati

Another day, another pumpkin and the Halloween countdown continues!  This is probably one of the simplest ways to create a fun autumnal pumpkin centrepiece and all you need is GLUE and GLITTER!

Drip, dribble or pour your glue over the top of your pumpkin – hell you could even create an awesome dip dye effect by painting half of your pumpkin with glue, and then shake shake shake mountains of glitter over the top.  Let is all dry and gently knock your pumpkin on it’s side to get rid of any excess.  I strongly recommended laying paper down first unless you want to have glittery socks for weeks… it gets everywhere.


And we have Glitterati!

Now it really feels like winter is setting in: the mornings are darker, the wind is colder and I’ve been caught in three separate showers this week… but if you can find a glimmer of bright autumnal sunshine why not try these gorgeous sun dyed Halloween treat bags from one of my favourite craft bloggers Fall for DIY:





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