Pumpkin 101: The Dark Side

Pumpkin carving not your forte?  No problem – there’s more than one way to style your squash! No need to be seedy, let your gourd down and while we’re in full PUN-kin force, get pumped for the first of my pumpkin DIY specials (ahahahaaaa).

If dark, gothic, glamour is your thing then this simple but striking pumpkin design is for you!  All you need is a pumpkin (I am just a little bit in love with these mini-pumpkins), matt black paint and stick on gems.



Paint your pumpkin so give it a strong black base – you might need to give it two coats, then decorate with rhinestone gems!  I think the final effect is somewhere in between Damien Hirst and Game of Thrones…. in pumpkin form…. sure




As I’ve said before I love a bit of Halloween crafting so I also wanted to share a few awesome Halloween makes from other blogs I love.  SO if darkness just isn’t your thing why not try making these cute confetti pumpkins from The Crafted Life



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