20 things I love about Autumn

Crisp air, bright mornings, golden light – I think Autumn is upon us! Sometimes the start of this fickle season of blustery winds and sudden rain showers can be a bit miserable but here are 20 reasons why I love Autumn.cut strips of orange and black paper

1. Back to school vibes – everyone’s feeling them so it’s the perfect time to stock up on stationery and kick start new hobbies

2. Deliciously cosy knitwear 

3. Autumnal colour palettes – give me emerald, mustard, Crimson, deep blues… I love them all

4. Wake-me-up mornings. Sure I don’t want to get out of bed but with bright golden sunshine and a bite in the air it’s a damn good morning wake up call

5. Halloween – whether your vibe is fancy dress and dancing with death or scary movies and ghoulish snacks this holiday is always awesome… And a great excuse to release your inner goth

6. Pumpkin carving – so much potential, so much time wasted on Pinterest, so many pumpkin pie aspirations

7. Fireworks. Need I say more?

8. Crunchy leaves – natures answer to bubblewrap

9. Cosy nights in… Pretending that we’re sitting in front of a real fire

10. Sun chasing – stretching out the last of summery temperatures while sitting huddled on rooftops in clear denial

11. Mulled Cider… Or mulled anything really… Just all the mulling

12. Visiting galleries and exhibitions. When it starts getting cold outside my weekends move inside so I get so much better at checking out exhibitions I miss in the summer!

13. Early nights and fairy lights

14. Cooking comfort food

15. The Great British Bake Off! I am obsessed

16. Wearing thick cosy tights

17. With big chunky ankle boots!

18. Red wine! I mean sure I drink red-wine all year round but in the autumn red is the only way to go

19. Finding the perfect winter coat

20. ALL the autumnal craft! This season is packed with holidays – perfect for making (yay)

yellow cable knit scarf with tassels

What do you love?


3 thoughts on “20 things I love about Autumn

  1. Sounds about right! Fireworks are not enough for me anymore though. I live in a town where people carry burning tar barrels on their shoulders, through streets crowded with people. It’s great!

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