Fabrics to make you go OOH

Sometimes you discover a fabric, or range of fabrics, that is just everything.  Gorgeous styles, perfect tones, uniquely inventive designs.  In short fabrics that make you want to run giggling to your sewing machine with delirious joy; mountains of material wrapped round your shoulders.

This is what Leah Duncan’s range of Art Gallery Fabrics does to me.  I AM GIDDY.  They are so freaking luscious, the designs are contemporary, the colours gorgeously chic, the patterns vibrant and imaginative, and I would wear dresses for days made from any one of them.  Leah Duncan’s designs are inspired by her favourite sights and scenes from her neighbourhood walks and you can absolutely see the influence in her use of botanical-style patterns and splashes of colour.

My favourites are the designs that verge more on abstract art – like these beauts (in order) Painting Morale, Piled Ebon, Windswept IotaWindswept Iota, Mojave Aloe, Chatter Pods and City Lights


I also love the whimsy of the Hidden Panda and Meadow Dream (those eyes!)

Check out the whole collection here – which are your favourites?

This post contains affiliate links but as always if I didn’t love the products I wouldn’t blog about them



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