100 days of flat lay round up

I had intended to do a round up for this every ten days but I finished the challenge completely a few weeks back and had only done this twice… So.. Let’s stick to highlights, lowlights and a few thoughts from doing the challenge for a second time.

For anyone who didn’t  read my original post which covered what the 100 day project actually is, you can find it here.

I had about 5 or 6 ‘what the hell am I going to post today’ moments, which for a challenge this long is pretty good. Having a set theme can be brilliant inspiration but it also means you can get a bit, well, stuck…  I really enjoyed the days where I had time to play and style something properly and I really struggled on those days where I had to rush because I just didn’t want to put anything out I wasn’t happy with. 

I tried to balance styled craft lays (crafty flat lays!) with some shots much more about where I was and what I was doing… Fine, it was mainly breakfast, but I really want to develop my everyday photography so this was a perfect opportunity:

I also got a bit obsessed with colour, layouts and collections!

I love these challenges, even when they make me want to throw both my phone and my craft materials at the wall. I think they help me think differently and look at the world more creatively. They’re also an amazing way to discover creative communities and become part of that – even people who didn’t finish the challenge could still stay involved, and there were definitely feeds I checked daily to see what wonderful new imagery they’d dreamed up.

So I guess that means… See you next year? 😍


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