Tablescaping with IKEA

On a very very warm July evening I found myself wandering through Soho to a beautiful events venue on Greek St to learn about tablescaping with the gods of fun, stylish and affordable interiors IKEA! I have a special love for an IKEA trip: the beautiful room layouts, the cushions, the huge variety of I-didn’t-know-I-needed-that-until-I-saw-it’s, and of course meatballs! Needless to say I was excited!

So what is tablescaping? Basically it’s making effortlessly eye-catching layouts of cutlery, crockery, glassware and decoration for your table – so ideal if you want to up your dinner party game, or just make life that little bit more instagrammable! We were welcomed into a room full to the brim with IKEAs Christmas range (including an actual bike!), given a quick intro by the lovely IKEA visual merchandisers and then set to task.

How the pros do it:

The choices of materials was vast: we had tableware, ribbons, cute labels, fabric… And then everything else there was also up for grabs. I think the point where we started cutting foliage from the trees says it all – tablescaping is a serious business, and will takeover everything in its wake to look awesome.

I started with a Christmas woodland theme – basically I found a cute squirrel ornament and a mushroom decoration and went from there. Lots of red, foliage (yup I was involved in the tree hacking!), and Christmas ribbon.

I then tried to break from tradition with a white, blue and black theme. I was given some brilliant tips about creating movement in my layout, trying to make sure things weren’t too symmetrical (I found that so hard!) and generally making the look a little more loose and organic.

We also had a chance to see some of IKEAS new ranges and boy are they beautiful!

Artisan gave us a handmade aesthetic, lots of soft neutrals, wicker and wood.

Maximalist, as you might imagine was a bold, more is more look, with lots of bright rich tones. Natasha found her dream pillow and I loved the rug hung on the wall.

Elemental offered a sense of calm and beautiful glassware, drawing inspiration from the natural world.

And finally off-beat brings playful quirky pieces into your life – bright and vibrant colours, and fun juxtapositions!

I pretty much left the event with a great big list of items (including this cushion) that I’d like to own and a trip to IKEA is most definitely on the cards.

  Tablescaping was so fun and relaxing and it was was really lovely to just be able to play around and test different looks – I can’t wait to put my skills into practice!

All in all a fabulous night! Thank you team IKEA!


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