The joys of sewing rogue…

Have you ever just started making something (crafting, painting, drawing, sewing, whatever your creative outlet of choice may be..) without really knowing how it would turn out? And I don’t just mean whether you like it once it’s complete, but where you go a little rogue in the process; with no set plan but only a spark of an idea of how it might turn out. I really like this style of working, although it’s something I never do enough of and to be completely honest only tends to happen when I have a deadline for a blog and I need to make something, anything.

Which is exactly what happened for my recent make for Minerva Crafts. I had grand old plans for a denim skirt with fun pockets, maybe some embroidery, but with starting a new job and generally just being super tired there was no time. So after shelving that idea I sat on my bed staring at fabrics thinking what the hell am I going to make that might be of interest to the pro-sewists of Minerva Crafts that will only take me the next hour or so…

I settled on a pencil case style bag, with a larger triangle-sided make-up bag on the side… And then this is where my plans stopped…

With no pattern, and a curious desire to not start crawling through other blogs for a how-to (just to see if I could do without) I had to workout a potential pattern from scratch, cut the pieces, middle my way through construction flying solo. And it was awesome!

You can see the full how to for my mini pencil case on Minerva Crafts now. My larger bag needs some improvements (I wasn’t quite happy with how the top and zip pay when I finished) so I haven’t shared a step by step guide, but you can see how I started (and potentially tell me where I went wrong!)

Sewing rogue made me have to think about construction more closely, be a little bolder and shrug off some of the perfectionist Β concern I normally have in my making. It was freeing and I’d love to challenge myself like that more!

Do you sew rogue?


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