There are some changes afoot around here *cue music*. I have been blogging in this little corner of the Internet for 3 and a half years, and running Crafternoon Cabaret Club for almost as long. All this time I’ve also been working full time at Southbank Centre, most recently running the schools programme. It has been intense, incredible, exciting, highly creative and highly exhausting. 

I now have a brand new job as the Young People’s Programme Manager at the National Theatre. It’s an amazing job, and an amazing opportunity and I want to give myself some time to really throw myself into the new role and all the potential it has. I think life changes always make me reassess how I’m spending my time and where my energy is going (or needs to be going) and while I’ve always loved my job, blogging and of course crafternoon events I need to have a think about how they might balance together now, in this new chapter of my life.

Being the greedy soul that I am I don’t really want to stop anything – I have watched crafternoon grow from nothing and I think it has further to go yet (right?). And then we have blogging – my cosy, creative home that started out just for me and has helped me to meet so many absolutely brilliant people, experience so many fantastic events and work with some amazing partners… I don’t  want to lose that…

I think when you come from a freelance background – particularly in the creative industries you never want to miss and opportunity, to say no, or even take a break for fear that it might damage your portfolio, or put a pause in an already unsteady career path. But ultimately we all have shifting priorities, shifting lives; one day I might just be doing one job that gives me everything I want from it. I hope to start a family. I hope to have weekends! I am my own worst enemy really because I find it so hard to stop anything that I find exciting or interesting… And it turns out I get those feelings from most things I do!

So I’m going to ease the pressure on myself and blog a little bit less, so that I can really take my time to write and create content that I love and am proud of. I’m thinking about widening the topics I write about: I’ve been travelling more and have some amazing trips coming up that I might want to include, I’m heading to Edinburgh this summer to see tons of theatre, and I want to find some more time for unpressured creativity – possibly with no outcome at all! In the last few years I have changed, my circumstances have changed, my job has changed – maybe it’s time for my blog to change a little bit too?

Hannah X


4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. I totally agree with you in the subject of having a multi faceted career in the creative industry… I believe they call it a ‘portfolio career’ (I know, who’d say that?!).
    Anyway – for all the fear of letting go of stuff, someone once told me, you can’t redecorate a lounge without getting rid of the old furniture first… And whilst I try to cram everything in I possibly can, there is something to be said for the power of clearing out – and focusing on the new. Not that you’re doing anything that drastic with the blog!!
    This is a VERY long winded way of saying good luck – and we’ll all still be here as and when you return to report on your travels (or whatever else pops up along the way) x

  2. Best of luck in your new job! Really well done you – I can only imagine how good you’ll be at something when you’re able to drive all of your amazing energy into it instead of splitting it between projects – amazeballs is my guess! I’ll miss the blog, but it will always be here waiting for you when you’re ready. Good luck! xx

  3. Oh that’s so exiting and sad at the same time. I’m sure that whatever you do you’ll make a huge creative success of it. Looking forward to seeing all your trip blogs, take some time to really enjoy every minute, life goes by way too quickly. Sending lots of love

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