There ain’t no party like a Viking Arty Party

I spent a gorgeous Saturday recently at the Viking Arty Party – it was a jam packed afternoon of craft, croissants and meeting lots of creative bloggers plus finally getting to meet some internet pals in actual real life as actual people.

We were at Lumiere London which is an absolute hidden gem of an event space in Southwark and boasts 3 stunningly designed rooms: The White Studio, The Victorian Loft and The Gallery. We were in the gallery which featured bright comfy furniture, theatrical art, exposed brick walls and lots of natural light!


It was really brilliant to discover Sarah was going along too, and I was really happy to finally meet Natasha and Emma, as well as the lovely Jane from Tea & Crafting! Also super glad I didn’t have to do too much weird stalker lurking to introduce myself… Cos everyone loves an awkward intro!

We were split into 3 groups hat would rotate around 3 craft activities: calligraphy, mindful origami and block printing. I was really looking forward to the calligraphy session after spotting we’d be using proper dip pens. Sarah, Emma and I were all in one group which was excellent for chat, giggles, moral support when it came to writing the letter f and a lot of laughter at out ‘skilful’ origami.

I really enjoyed actually having the opportunity to learn from someone else rather than teaching myself, particularly with the calligraphy where Suzie guided us through the technique brilliantly and spent lots of time correcting and giving demos for particularly difficult (swirly) letters.

Mindful origami was led by Samuel Tsang who gave us so much insight into the historical and modern context of origami, as well as making us think about the benefits of taking time out every day to use this skill as a tool for meditation and thinking of others. While I was prepping for my wedding I played around with origami and eventually chose to make my wedding favours an interactive activity (of course – queen of organised fun that I am) where guests had to make an origami heart that they could then wear. We each made an envelope and a flapping bird and it really sparked my curiosity about learning more about the art form.

Our last activity was block printing   (Woop woop) and we worked with Jane from Tea and Crafting. This was such an awesome workshop to finish on because it was all about making something gorgeous and original to take home! We were printing files using stamp blocks we created from foam. There were so many clever designs from super on trend pineapples and flamingos to eyecatching geometric designs. Even though we were all given the same materials, the same brief and the same time everyone created something truly unique – which of course is why I love craft so much!

We got a brilliant goody bag full of more craft materials which I’m going to save for a new DIY to share with you soon. Overall I found all of the activities and people incredibly inspiring.  I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed about blogging recently, I’ve had a bit of blogging block, I’ve been thinking about making some changes and I’ve felt really overloaded, but this day gave me so many ideas and reminded me why I love making and sharing ideas with others.

Thanks for having me Viking!

The beautiful pictures in this post are from Search Laboratory



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