Jumpsuit Joy

Do you love jumpsuits? Because I love jumpsuits! They’re comfy, awesome for going from lounge to lively in one leap and they’re so stylishly laid back. I love them. Now annoyingly as I’m pretty tall but not super skinny I find it really hard to buy jumpsuits that properly fit me (I have a longer body/shorter legs than most for my height) so I figured this could be a brilliant opportunity to make a perfectly (so optimistic right!) fitting jumpsuit in a fabric I loved. I actually saw this pattern on ace sewing blog What Katie Sews – I loved the fabric Katie used and the final relaxed shape of the jumpsuit was just what I was looking for.


This leafy/fern jersey fabricΒ caught my eye of Minerva Crafts and luckily it was in jersey, which is what this Betterick pattern called for.Β  You can read the full post of how I got on sewing this make on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network (with much needed help from my mum again!) But I think its worth pointing out that Jersey is a bitch to sew. There, I said it, I put it out there, I regret nothing.and this particular fabric, while absolutely worth persevering with for the pretty factor and soft wearability, almost broke me. It slips and slides like nothing I’ve ever experienced, even cutting it accurately was really difficult and I’ve never sworn as much in my life as a did while trying to sew the zip in.

Sew make of that what you will!! However after much, much perseverance,Β  swearing, unpicking (my mum chose to ‘practice’ an impossibly tight and neat slip stitch on what she thought was scrap fabric but was in fact half of my jumpsuit!!) and stomping about a jumpsuit was born…. and its not half bad!! (ignore my weird face in this – the day of sewing had taken it’s tole…)


My next few makes for Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network are much simpler skirt designs (phew) to which I’m going to add pockets and maybe some decorative detail…as well as making myself practice zips. I’m also thinking about making a travel make-up toiletries bag with some of my fabric remnants.

And after watching international week on Sewing Bee I’m really keen to get my hands on some gorgeous African wax cloth…

What are you sewing at the moment?


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