DIY: Nailed it with Zazzle

It’s confession time. I’m ashamed to say it, particularly as a crafter as it feels like my hands are on show all the time, but my nails are a total atrocity.  A combo of biting them when I was younger (and in times of stress), working with wire, tapes, glues, intricate beading and just plain old bad luck has left me with super short, super brittle, so easily breakable claws to call my own.

So to combat bad nails I turn to nail polish but again I’m a serial polish chipper and my paintwork barely lasts a day! I’ve never been one for falsies- I don’t really like how they feel and I actually much prefer short nails but, while planning some other projects for Zazzle I was intrigued to discover their nail wraps. I’ve spotted them in shops before – quick and easy fixes to give your nails intricate designs without all the layering of nail polish and precision brushwork. They’re basically stickers for your nails that you trim to fit and what’s even better with zazzle is that you can design your own!


Now you might think at this point : it I’m not an artist or illustrator, what the hell am I going to design. But I’m not either and it was genuinely really simple and massively fun! I’ve always wanted to learn about pattern design and I have photoshop touch on my tablet which is perfect for playing with repeating designs. I kept it simple: polka dots, layered lines (I also designed my own fabric at the same time which you can read about here). I then uploaded the images to zazzle, selected the customisable nail wrap option, positioned my design and was ready to go.


I created a few different designs and I’ve been really enjoying playing around with them – and having all the colour and all the patterns at my fingertips! I even did a week at work with one hand in polka dot and the other in stripes (pattern lover heaven no?). One unexpected benefit was that, with my nails so prettily decorated, I didn’t pick at them or get tempted to nibble, and because the wraps are made in a slightly flexible material they don’t chip, so my nails got some much needed recovery time. Putting the wraps on and removing them was a simple case of warming them up, peeling, positioning and smoothing down which also means you can change designs as much as you want.

My designs were hand drawn on my tablet but because you can upload any image you could also find fun designs online to print – maybe some typography ir even pretty fabric designs. What do you think? And what designs would you go for?

What designs would you go for?

*This is a sponsored post working with zazzle.  All thoughts, designs and opinions my own and as always if I didn’t blooming love it i wouldn’t blog about it.


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