Sewing plans

I’ve just been asked to plan out my next three months of makes for Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network so I thought I could share my ambitions with you.  I’m sticking with making clothes (although I loved making my tablet case, fascinator and crochet necklace) but I really want to start feeling comfortable with some of the terms and techniques used in construction.  I am of course watching Sewing Bee religiously in the hope that some of their skills might rub off on me (fingers crossed) but I’ve also accepted that practice makes perfect. So what have I got coming up?

After my first simple skirt pattern was a tad too tight I’m going again using this really lovely William Morris fabric.

My plan is to cut slightly wider and make the seams a little smaller, but mainly to pin the whole thing together to try on before sewing up the sides. I hope that because I’ve made the skirt once already it should be a bit faster second time round.

I’ve bought some denim! I’m planning another skirt (you an meet have too many right) and I’ve been thinking about adding patch pockets to this one to push myself a bit more. Both of these skirts feature invisible zips which I am rubbish at so hopefully forth time will be the charm.

I’m really trying to use up left over fabrics and generally have a clear out of my ever growing craft store so I thought I could make another tote bag or a make up bag with some of the remnants. Do you have any go to sewing projects to use up offcuts? Things I could gift would be ideal!


And my most exciting project I have lined up is a JUMPSUIT! I love love love jumpsuits but I find it so hard to find ones that fit me because I have a really long body – this could be my moment! I’ve enlisted the help of my mum for this one because I really want to get the fit right and she pays so much more attention to that sort of things than I do. I’ve bought a gorgeous leafy/fern jersey fabric for this one – can’t wait to share how it turns out. We’ll be trying to make it in one day too so I’m expecting more of these larks.

What are you making at the moment?

This post was created for the Minerva Crafts Blogging Network.  I received the materials for free but design and ideas are my own

 This post also includes affiliate links.


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