Summer Time Skirt

My latest make for Minerva Crafts Blogger Network is now online. This month I made a simple skirt – on my own, sans mums help, sewing solo! Quite the achievement! This pattern was great for beginners so if you’re considering starting to sew this is a great way in.


You can read the full post here and the gorgeous William Morris fabric can be found here

This make wasn’t without it’s challenges and so here are my takeaways:
1. Layering or seam grading is used when you have lots of layers of fabric packed together after joining two seames pieces (ie for a lining). Layering or seam grading simple means to trim the excess of the seams at different lengths so that rather than bunching up they lie nice and flat.
2. Measure twice cut once. This skirt ended up a little on the snug side for me – next time I’d measure the skirt by pinning it into place around me and then being slightly less generous with the seams
3. You can sew anything in a day. From my experience so far this is 100% true!! Haha! I’m aware its not but it is amazing you much progress you can make with a garment when you allow yourself dedicated time
4. Those who sew do yoga. My back was killing me at the end from spending so long leant over.

So (or sew…ahem) what shall I make next?

This post was created for the Minerva Crafts Blogging Network.  I received the materials for free but design and ideas are my own

 This post also includes affiliate links.


2 thoughts on “Summer Time Skirt

    1. Thanks Claire – the fit wasn’t quite right on this one but I’m going to make another this month. I think you should totally give it a go – this pattern in particular was much more straightforward than my first make (a whole dress!) and if you take your time you’ll be flying! Good Luck and if you do take the plunge I’d love to see what you make x

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