DIY: Flower Crown

Sunshine, blue skies, colour everywhere – could this be summer?  Yes please!  My diary is filling up with picnics, my garden has been overtaken by bluebells and it’s also Chelsea Flower show in just a few weeks so what better way to while away an afternoon than by making a pretty floral crown.  Flower headdresses have been a staple of festivals, rustic weddings and craft bloggers for many a moon now but I’ve never yet attempted to make my own.  However – the prospect of having a floral crown that both fits beautifully (I’m sure we’ve all been there with elastic pulling perfectly coiffured hair out of place until you look more hedgerow than Frida Kahlo) and made from my favourite blooms and colours is just what I need to grab my pliers and wire and channel my inner flower child.

You Will Need

  • Flowers – mine are fancy faux flowers made from silk
  • Wire – one with a low gauge to form the base of your headpiece and one with a high gauge (20+) to wrap
  • Ribbon
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun – just in case


Create your base

Using your thicker wire measure around your head in the position you would like your crown to sit. Now fold the wire to the same length, backwards and forwards so that your final base is about 4 pieces of wire thick, with a loop at each end created from the folds.


Possibly the loveliest bit of this make.  Lay your flowers along your crown and play with the arrangement until you’re happy.  Think about balance in the size of the blooms, colour and density, although avoid making your crown look completely symmetrical


Starting on one side, trim your flower and lie against the crown base in the position you would like it to sit in.  Now take your thinner wire and begin to wrap round and round to secure the stem to the base.  Repeat this with each new bloom until every flower is secured in place.

Add your ribbon

Cut two 30cm lengths of ribbon.  Push one ribbon through each loop in the crown base and tie in a knot.  When you wear your crown tie the ribbons together into a bow to secure.

Now tie your crown on over loose wavy locks and go forth radiating summer vibes!


These materials were sent to me by Gingerlily as part of their Chelsea Flower Show Celebration.  The brief was completely open so I can’t wait to see what other floral creations were dreamt up!  Check out their blog about the project here


2 thoughts on “DIY: Flower Crown

  1. What a lovely tutorial and perfect timing too 🙂 My daughter just asked me to make her one – whoop, whoop, thank you!!

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