#the100dayproject round up: Day 10 – 20

I’m now over a quarter of the way through my 100 day project of making a beautiful flat lay every day for 100 days.  I’ve been really enjoying exploring other projects on instagram and seeing the really imaginative themes people have come up with, and I’m only just starting to feel a glimmer of anxiety about just how long 100 days really is… so it’s going well!  I’m particularly excited about the final third of the project which will include a trip to ireland, a trip to Croatia and a beaut wedding -so many pretty flat lay opportunities!

So here’s my latest round up of days 11-20:

  1. Fri-YAY: I love these little letter beads. I bulk bought a huge amount for my workshops at The Handmade Fair last year and I still have lots left – what do you think I could use them for?
  2. Bitch Please: This gorgeous flat lay was snapped at my last Crafternoon Cabaret Club event – we made inspirational embroidered wall hangings and it was such a success (it even sold out!) so I can’t wait to run that craft workshop again
  3. Tassels.  I love tassels and I love my little bird embroidery scissors.  I think if I could collect anything it would be beautiful antique scissors
  4. Emoji: The first sneek peek of my really popular emoji keyring project.  I’ve been really enjoying mixing up the background and this is actually one of my beautiful clipboards that I use for creative wall displays
  5. Markmakers: Bring a bit of a magpie crafter I have all sorts of tools and materials all over my house – I thought I’d have a little celebration of mark makers here from chalk and pencils to porcelain pens and paintbrushes – long may we use you to make beautiful work!
  6. Neon: I love neon and I love buttons.  That is all (PS I put this flatlay together while knocking back coffee and running around my house because I was running really late!)
  7. Succulents: I’m not the most green fingered person but I love having plants around the house.  Succulents are meant to be relatively difficult to kill but I do my best haha!  I was really pleased with the layout of this – it’s simple but looks clean and balanced.  The background is one of my beautiful patterned papers from Tiger Stores
  8. Colouring in: I’m still testing the colouring in trend.  Sometimes I love it and sometimes I don’t really like the aimlessness (which probably says a lot more about me than the colouring in!).  But on this day i really enjoyed taking a little time out to relax with it.
  9. Mini Wool/Giant needles: I was actually trying to have a bit of a sort out and throw away some yarn when i discovered these cute tiny balls of wool!  I couldn’t resist pairing them up with some of my chunkier needles 🙂
  10. Floral: Another behind the scenes snap.  I’m working on something lovely with flowers, inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show… all will be revealed…

Follow my progress on instagram and check out these other projects that I’m crushing on right now:

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