DIY: Easy Tassel Cards

I wish so much that I was one of those people that is just all over making handmade birthday, engagement, new baby, anniversary cards.  Truth is I’m never quite organised enough to do it… plus I have various packs of beautiful cards I’ve been given over the years that need using up (so my laziness is helping me sort – kapish?).  However there are certain people that warrant that extra bit of birthday fuss… and these cards are perfect for those moments.

I really love embellishing with tassels – they can be so chic, or so cute, but they always make me smile.  I’ve made these tassels with embroidery thread.  Here’s how:

  1. Simply wrap the thread around two fingers about 20 times
  2. Tie a second piece of thread around the top to form a hanging loop and snip through the bottom loop (see below)
  3. Wrap a third piece of thread around and around to create the head of the tassel… and the cut and trim the bottom nice and neatly.
  4. Use washi tape to secure your tassels:  you can make a feature out of the tape or you can hide it away inside (and even cover with a final layer of card).

I really like the look and feel of these with kraft card and super bright tassels but you could mix up the colours to match your style.

What do you think?

embroidery thread tassel

embroidery thread tassel

tassel cards Crafternoon Cabaret Club

tassel cards Crafternoon Cabaret Club


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