The100DayProject Ten Days In 

Some of you might follow me on Instagram and have seen my posts for the 100 days project challenge. My theme for this year is 100 days of flat lay with a particular crafty focus. Other then completing the challenge (of course) I’m hoping that my theme will help me improve my photography and styling, as well as helping to develop my creative eye.  I’ve decided to round up and share a little more about each snap on here throughout the process too, along with some of my favourite other themes and creatives I’ve discovered on instagram!


  1. These pretty tags were from Mollie Makes and I’ve never had the heart to use them. These are also my favourite embroidery scissors!
  2. I love this pin cushion (design by Jane Foster). I couldn’t resist bringing him to life with cotton bark lines
  3. Colouring pencils all in a row – or a handy quick flat lay for a busy day
  4. These gorgeous notebooks are from Kikki K.  I think the coppery details are so beautiful.  I still need to decide what to do with them
  5. This nautical flat lay was courtesy of the lovely crafting goodies that arrived in my Glittery Hands box – perfect timing and so many lovely details and materials to add to future snaps!
  6. These tassels are a little preview for a DIY coming up on the blog soon… but also I bought some beaut marbled paper to use as a styling background!
  7. Let’s have Adventures!  This is one of my favourite pieces from a new embroidery project I’ve started.  I am also itching for holidays and adventures at the moment so it really captures my mood.
  8. We all knew there would be a coffee snap at some point – at least it had some fruit in it too.  I had a rare morning off and so treated myself by staying in my pajamas, drinking real coffee and eating a proper breakfast.  Heavenly.
  9. I haven’t picked up my calligraphy pens for a while and I’m very out of practice, but it felt good to have to push myself to quickly create something to share
  10. Ahhh craft tools – so pretty, so varied, so shapely, sooo flat lay.  I really enjoyed this slightly more traditional craftlay (crafty flat lay) where it’s all about the positions and creating lines and balance.

And here are some other themes you should check out:

#100daysoffuturememories by #the100dayproject founder Elle Luna

#100daysofgraphique by Natasha Nuttall

#100daysofGMTdoodles by That Gent Mark

#100daysofgouache by And Smile Studio

What other themes should I be following?


3 thoughts on “The100DayProject Ten Days In 

  1. I love the idea of The100dayproject. The Make Every Day Count is great. So true. Today is a good day. Every day can be a good day. It’s all about attitude. Your pictures are already good. I will be interested to follow your progress.

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